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I search for my friend any 2-headed faces (non-standard, non-photo, non-cartoons).
If You have such decks You can swap them with me for any items from my Free Shop
Thank You in advance!
31.12.2007: update d00007, d00418, d00831, d00984, d02171, d02934,
                                d04168, d04327, d04340, d04553, d04633, d04712,
                                d04727, d04746, d04756, d05058, d05348, d05739,
                                d05795, d06487, d06683, d06815, d06817, d06835,
                                d06836, d06837, d06838, d06839, d06840, d07824
                     Happy New Year!!!
.12.2007: update d00285, d01717, d01735, d01871, d02234, d02284,
                                d02292, d02301, d02475, d02501, d02552, d02847,
                                d03038, d03144, d03152, d03165, d03167, d03301,
                                d03339, d03340, d03378, d03471, d03588, d04171,
                                d04183, d04254, d04256, d04408, d04583, d04584
29.12.2007: USA d07877, d07878, d07879
28.12.2007: USA d07874, d07875, d07876
27.12.2007: USA d07871, d07872, d07873
26.12.2007: USA d07868, d07869, d07870
25.12.2007: update d00334, d00346, d00377, d00457, d00483, d00634,
                                d00771, d00916, d00951, d01007, d01492, d01618,
                                d01652, d01698, d01871, d01886, d02083, d02268,
                                d02637, d02724, d03300, d03613, d03818, d03926,
                                d03999, d04271, d04258, d04331, d04460, d05380
24.12.2007: USA d07865, d07866, d07867
23.12.2007: USA d07862, d07863, d07864
22.12.2007: USA d07859, d07860, d07861
21.12.2007: USA d07856, d07857, d07858
20.12.2007: Russia d07097, d07507, d07771
19.12.2007: Germany d01070, Hungary d01071, USA d03974
18.12.2007: update d00058, d00651, d00859, d01717, d01733, d01925,
                                d02243, d02291, d02563, d02878, d03075, d03144,
                                d03573, d03726, d03792, d03903, d03939, d04047,
                                d04109, d04334, d05392, d06737, d07046, d07130,
                                d07265, d07696, d07700, d07769, d07808, d07815
17.12.2007: USA d07853, d07855, Japan d07854
16.12.2007: USA d07850d07851, d07852   
15.12.2007: USA d07847, d07848, d07849
14.12.2007: USA d07844, d07845, d07846
13.12.2007: USA d07841, d07842, d07843
12.12.2007: update d00007, d00184, d00418, d01492, d01635, d01680,
                                 d01690, d01886, d02026, d02303, d03051, d03324,
                                 d03341, d03832, d03848, d04216, d04250, d04254,
                                 d04981, d05174, d05217, d05524, d05634, d05769,
                                 d05781, d06288, d06816, d07414, d07596, d07818
11.12.2007: USA d03137, d03508, d03714
10.12.2007: USA d04021, d04095, d04192
09.12.2007: USA d02543, d03741, d03769
08.12.2007: USA d04096, China d06892, Italy d07550
07.12.2007: update d00924, d01226, d01565, d01605, d01946, d02550,
                                d02579, d02785, d02899, d03335, d03918, d04003,
                                d04005, d04177, d04184, d04241, d04253, d04331,
                                d04333, d04416, d04557, d04617, d04818, d05029,
                                d05307, d05741, d06447, d06559, d06780, d07033
06.12.2007: USA d05744, d05768, d06199
05.12.2007: USA d04905, d05204, d05622
04.12.2007: France d01069, Belgium d06763, Spain d02667
03.12.2007: China d01151, d02909, d04167
02.12.2007: update d00058, d03018, d03338, d03410, d03622, d03731,
                                d03776, d04015, d04019, d04158, d04169, d04187,
                                d04766, d04777, d06611, d06969, d07290, d07433,
                                d07510, d07518, d07700, d07719, d07722, d07737,
                                d07744, d07748, d07770, d07779, d07808, d07834
01.12.2007: China d00185, d01046, d02806
30.11.2007: Brazil d07601, Germany d04378, Holland d06933
29.11.2007: Belgium d01517, d03264, d06820
28.11.2007: USA d01817, d05417, d07559
27.11.2007: update d00060, d00284, d00788, d01279, d01362, d01492,
                                 d01717, d01765, d02020, d02165, d02489, d03040,
                                 d03226, d03324, d03541, d03922, d03939, d04003,
                                 d04183, d04253, d04264, d04271, d04750, d05135,
                                 d05557, d05656, d05795, d06063, d06174, d06447
26.11.2007: jokers d07811, d07812, d07813, d07814, d07815, d07816,
                                d07817, d07818, d07819, d07820, d07821, d07822,
                                d07823, d07824, d07825, d07826, d07827, d07828,
                                d07829d07830, d07831, d07832, d07833, d07834,
                                d07835, d07836d07837, d07838, d07839, d07840
25.11.2007: jokers d07781, d07782, d07783, d07784, d07785, d07786,
                                d07787, d07788, d07789, d07790, d07791, d07792,
                                d07793, d07794, d07795, d07796, d07797, d07798,
                                d07799, d07800, d07801, d07802, d07803, d07804,
                                d07805, d07806, d07807, d07808, d07809, d07810
24.11.2007: jokers d07751, d07752, d07753, d07754, d07755, d07756,
                               d07757, d07758, d07759, d07760, d07761, d07762,
                               d07763, d07764, d07765, d07766, d07767, d07768,
                               d07769, d07770, d07771, d07772, d07773, d07774,
                               d07775, d07776, d07777, d07778, d07779,  d07780
23.11.2007: jokers d07721, d07722, d07723, d07724, d07725, d07726,
                               d07727, d07728, d07729d07730, d07731, d07732,
                               d07733, d07734, d07735, d07736d07737, d07738,
                               d07739, d07740, d07741, d07742, d07743d07744,
                               d07745, d07746, d07747, d07748, d07749, d07750
22.11.2007: jokers d07691, d07692, d07693, d07694, d07695, d07696,
                                d07697, d07698, d07699, d07700, d07701, d07702,
                                d07703, d07704, d07705, d07706, d07707, d07708,
                                d07709, d07710, d07711, d07712, d07713, d07714,
                                d07715, d07716, d07717, d07718, d07719, d07720
21.11.2007: Belgium d07688, d07689, Germany d07690
20.11.2007: UK d07685, d07686, d07687
19.11.2007: UK d07682, d07683, d07684
18.11.2007: UK d07679, d07680, d07681
17.11.2007: UK d07676, d07677, d07678           
16.11.2007: UK d07673, d07674, d07675
15.11.2007: UK d07670, d07671, d07672
14.11.2007: UK d07667, d07668, d07669
13.11.2007: UK d07664, d07665, d07666
12.11.2007: UK d07661, d07662, d07663
1.11.2007: UK d07658, d07659, d07660
10.11.2007: UK d07655, d07656, d07657
09.11.2007: UK d07652, d07653, d07654
08.11.2007: UK d07649, d07650d07651
07.11.2007: Austria d07646, France d07647, UK d07648
06.11.2007: UK d07643d07644, d07645
05.11.2007: update d00805, d01207, d01451, d01717, d01752, d02160,
                                 d02191, d02303, d02590, d02878, d03024, d03152,
                                 d03153, d03789, d04005, d04146, d04160, d04165,
                                 d04170, d04171, d04184, d04233, d04255, d04257,
                                 d04263, d04271, d04349, d04505, d04617, d06692
04.11.2007: Swiss d02845, Turkey d07403, d07404
03.11.2007: USA d04333, d07413, d07415
02.11.2007: USA d07416, d07417, d07293
01.11.2007: USA d02204, d07420, Finland d04779
31.10.2007: Germany d06143, d06610, d06718
11-30.10.2007: update d00284, d00403, d00479, d00516, d00651, d00691,
d00714, d00716, d00778, d00871, d00877, d00931, d00951, d01018, d01153,
d01268, d01362, d01485, d01521, d01537, d01736, d01809, d01823, d01845,
d02017, d02489, d02567, d02645, d02699, d02847, d02888, d03033, d03075,
d03092, d03152, d03153, d03302, d03328, d03343, d03510, d03529, d03574,
d03625, d03659, d03912, d03913, d03941, d03954, d04056, d04069, d04109,
d04160, d04162, d04180, d04183, d04184, d04187, d04258, d04259, d04263,
d04271, d04279, d04296, d04326, d04329, d04331, d04334, d04422, d04423,
d04563, d04583, d04592, d04598, d04619, d04620, d04745, d04757, d04767,
d04811, d04821, d04823, d04825, d04979, d05060, d05162, d05341, d05635,
d05768, d05828, d05971, d06104, d06305, d06446, d06447, d06692, d06714,
d06758, d06815, d06816, d06817, d06818, d06901, d06984, d06985, d07007,
d07008, d07084, d07102, d07278, d07298, d07304, d07324, d07559, d07569
10.10.2007: update d00212, d00825, d01521, d01690, d02269, d02282,
                                 d02283, d02443, d02651, d03589, d03829, d04007,
                                 d04102, d04182, d04250, d04256, d04271, d04329,
                                 d04334, d04422, d04595, d04620, d04752, d04821,
                                 d05775, d05935, d06466, d06494, d06769, d07592
09.10.2007: UK d07437, d07438, d07332
08.10.2007: UK d06761, d06911, d02890
07.10.2007: UK d05015, d05016, d05021
06.10.2007: UK d05011, d05012, d05019
05.10.2007: UK d03874, d03915, d05020
04.10.2007: UK d03187, d03188, d03374
03.10.2007: UK d05014, d05018, d05531
02.09.2007: UK d01270, d01271, d01515
01.10.2007: update d00436, d00949, d01028, d01126, d01191, d01947,
                                d02010, d02489, d02523, d02899, d03139, d03144,
                                d04004, d04019, d04047, d04059, d04113, d04258,
                                d04340, d04483, d04541, d04821, d04844, d04876,
                                d05069, d05348, d05417, d05632, d05943, d06961
30.09.2007: UK d04387, d04738, d04990
29.09.2007: Austria d00460, d06019, d07400
28.09.2007: Germany d00081, China d03199, Austria d03806
27.09.2007: Belgium d04947, d06523, d06873
The international playing Card & Joker meeting in Nieuwerbrug (near Utrecht ) in the Netherlands (Holland): 28 october!
More info at Jelle Sietsma

26.09.2007: update d01000, d01297, d02563, d03078, d03139, d03173,
                                d03228, d03498, d03589, d03653, d03913, d04005,
                                d04019, d04045, d04062, d04161, d04222, d04229,
                                d04241, d04267, d04271, d04807, d04862, d04876,
                                d05233, d05781, d06358, d07325, d07564, d07598
25.09.2007: USA d05734, Japan d06281, Czechia d06550
24.09.2007: Italy d06193, d07088  China d07597
23.09.2007: USA d01565, d01878, d06541
22.09.2007: Russia d07640, d07641, d07642
21.09.2007: update d00058, d00206, d00744, d01308, d01521, d01950,
                                d02525, d02769, d02847, d03201, d03386, d03413,
                                d03833, d03914, d03920, d04014, d04121, d04160,
                                d04169, d04183, d04184, d04187, d04329, d04352,
                                d04460, d04541, d05428, d05529, d05699, d06088
20.09.2007: Russia d07637, d07638, d07639
19.09.2007: Russia d07634, d07635, d07636
18.09.2007: Russia d07631, d07632, d07633
17.09.2007: Austria d07628, d07629d07630
16.09.2007: update d00007, d00335, d01088, d01492, d01519, d01843,
                                d02671, d03167, d03498, d03546, d03582, d03958
                                d04393, d04429, d04531, d04606, d05773, d06258,
                                d06713, d06762, d06765, d07269, d07271, d07440,
                                d07444, d07460, d07556, d07570, d07577, d07598
15.09.2007: Austria d07625, d07626, d07627
14.09.2007: Austria d07622, d07623, d07624
13.09.2007: Austria d07619, d07620, d07621
12.09.2007: Austria d07616, d07617, d07618
11.09.2007: update d00029, d00058, d00076, d00254, d00569, d01380,
                                 d01635, d01947, d01962, d01954, d02291, d02773,
                                 d03006, d03386, d03723, d03784, d04003, d04170,
                                 d04240, d04257, d04260, d04264, d04296, d04326
                                 d04481, d04493, d04636, d04821, d06494, d07557
10.09.2007: Austria d07613, d07614, d07615
09.09.2007: Austria d07610, d07611, d07612
08.09.2007: Austria d07607, d07608, d07609
07.09.2007: Austria d07112, d07284, d07353
06.09.2007: update d00206, d00520, d00710, d00815, d00999, d01040,
                                 d01072, d01113, d01222, d01171, d01492, d01765,
                                 d02489, d02537, d02875, d02931, d02958, d03126, 
                                 d03153, d03165, d03914, d04178, d04184, d04187,
                                 d04271, d04331, d04334, d04619, d05217, d07486
05.09.2007: jokers d07577, d07578, d07579, d07580, d07581, d07582,
                               d07583, d07584, d07585, d07586, d07587, d07588,
                               d07589, d07590, d07591, d07592, d07593, d07594,
                               d07595, d07596, d07597, d07598, d07599, d07600,
                               d07601, d07602, d07603, d07604, d07605, d07606
04.09.2007: jokers d07547, d07548, d07549, d07550d07551, d07552,
                                d07553, d07554, d07555, d07556, d07557, d07558,
                                d07559, d07560, d07561, d07562, d07563, d07564,
                                d07565, d07566, d07567, d07568, d07569, d07570,
                                d07571, d07572, d07573, d07574, d07575, d07576
03.09.2007: Austria d02100, d03602, d06141
02.09.2007: Greece d03417, UK d04391, Ukraine d06197
01.09.2007: update d00689, d01007, d01485, d01517, d01635, d01942,
                                 d02103, d02184, d02291, d02322, d02707, d02899,
                                 d03516, d03520, d03749, d03821, d03879, d03930,
                                 d04218, d04264, d04439, d04456, d04492, d04598,
                                 d04684, d05402, d06136, d06220, d07092, d07273
31.08.2007: Latvia d05536, China d07427, Japan d07264
30.08.2007: China d03846, d04551, d05805
29.08.2007: China d01417, d01340, d02554
28.08.2007: China d07544, d07545, d07546
27.08.2007: update d00007, d00020, d00067, d00125, d00284, d00782,
                                 d01062, d01537, d01547, d01951, d01988, d02027,
                                 d02194, d02227, d03388, d03525, d03565, d03732,
                                 d04047, d04162, d04194, d04352, d04424, d04460,
                                 d04461, d04503, d04541, d04543, d04594, d05419
26.08.2007: Belgium d07541, d07542, China d07543
25.08.2007: Belgium d07538, d07539, d07540
24.08.2007: Belgium d07535, d07536d07537
23.08.2007: Belgium d01153, d01371, d02836
22.08.2007: update d00062, d00339, d00444, d01221, d01712, d01894,
                                 d02101, d02225, d02230, d02466, d02642, d02842,
                                 d02847, d02931, d03118, d03153, d03422, d03475,
                                 d03634, d03556, d03716, d03818, d03912, d03941,
                                 d04542, d05784, d05833, d06084, d06988, d07476
21.08.2007: Belgium d04415, d04739, d04740
20.08.2007: Belgium d07045, d07087, d07292
19.08.2007: Belgium d02846, d02960, d06006
18.08.2007: Portugal d03671, USA d03342, New Zealand d03335
17.08.2007: update d00129, d00835, d01058, d01103, d01191, d01375,
                                 d01305, d01334, d01492, d01602, d01605, d01733,
                                 d01964, d02879, d03173, d03341, d03386, d03510,
                                 d03548, d03679, d03722, d05538, d05694, d06056,
                                 d06199, d06305, d06480, d06693, d06911, d07083
16.08.2007: Spain d07294 Austria d07298, d07319
15.08.2007: Ukraine d04281, Germany d06122, d06904
14.08.2007: Russia d02905d05026, d07096
13.08.2007: Russia d00174, d03313, d06053
12.08.2007: update d04005, d04014, d04072, d04101, d04166, d04168,
                                d04167, d04170, d04179, d04182, d04184, d04187,
                                d04208, d04241, d04258, d04263, d04265, d04271,
                                d04296, d04328, d04331, d04334, d04380, d04460,
                                d04618, d04619, d04821, d04876, d04891, d04981
11.08.2007: jokers d07505, d07506, d07507, d07508, d07509, d07510,
                                d07511, d07512, d07513, d07514, d07515, d07516,
                                d07517, d07518, d07519, d07520, d07521, d07522,
                               d07523, d07524, d07525, d07526, d07527, d07528,
                               d07529d07530, d07531, d07532, d07533, d07534
10.08.2007: jokers d07475, d07476, d07477, d07478, d07479, d07480,
                               d07481, d07482, d07483, d07484, d07485, d07486,
                               d07487, d07488, d07489, d07490, d07491, d07492,
                               d07493, d07494, d07495, d07496, d07497, d07498,
                               d07499, d07500, d07501, d07502, d07503, d07504
09.08.2007: jokers d07445, d07446, d07447, d07448, d07449, d07450
                               d07451, d07452, d07453, d07454, d07455, d07456,
                               d07457, d07458, d07459, d07460, d07461, d07462,
                               d07463, d07464, d07465, d07466, d07467, d07468,
                               d07469, d07470, d07471, d07472, d07473, d07474
08.08.2007: jokers d07415, d07416, d07417, d07418, d07419, d07420,
                               d07421, d07422, d07423, d07424, d07425, d07426,
                               d07427, d07428, d07429d07430, d07431, d07432,
                               d07433, d07434, d07435, d07436d07437, d07438,
                               d07439, d07440, d07441, d07442, d07443d07444
07.08.2007: jokers d07385, d07386, d07387, d07388, d07389, d07390,
                               d07391, d07392, d07393, d07394, d07395, d07396,
                               d07397, d07398, d07399, d07400, d07401, d07402,
                               d07403, d07404, d07405, d07406, d07407, d07408,
                               d07409, d07410, d07411, d07412, d07413, d07414
06.08.2007: jokers d07355, d07356, d07357, d07358, d07359, d07360,
                               d07361, d07362, d07363, d07364, d07365, d07366,
                               d07367, d07368, d07369, d07370, d07371, d07372,
                               d07373, d07374, d07375, d07376, d07377, d07378,
                               d07379, d07380, d07381, d07382, d07383, d07384
05.08.2007:  jokers d07325, d07326, d07327, d07328, d07329d07330,
                                d07331, d07332, d07333, d07334, d07335, d07336
                                d07337, d07338, d07339, d07340, d07341, d07342,
                                d07343d07344, d07345, d07346, d07347, d07348,
                                d07349, d07350d07351, d07352, d07353, d07354
04.08.2007:  jokers d07295, d07296, d07297, d07298, d07299, d07300,
                                 d07301, d07302, d07303, d07304, d07305, d07306,
                                 d07307, d07308, d07309, d07310, d07311, d07312,
                                 d07313, d07314, d07315, d07316, d07317, d07318,
                                 d07319, d07320, d07321, d07322, d07323, d07324
03.08.2007:  jokers d07265, d07266, d07267, d07268, d07269, d07270,
                                 d07271, d07272, d07273, d07274, d07275, d07276,
                                 d07277, d07278, d07279, d07280, d07281, d07282,
                                 d07283, d07284, d07285, d07286, d07287, d07288,
                                 d07289, d07290, d07291, d07292, d07293, d07294
02.08.2007:  jokers d07235, d07236d07237, d07238, d07239, d07240,
                                d07241, d07242, d07243d07244, d07245, d07246,
                                d07247, d07248, d07249, d07250d07251, d07252,
                                d07253, d07254, d07255, d07256, d07257, d07258,
                                d07259, d07260, d07261, d07262, d07263, d07264
01.08.2007: update d00067, d00232, d00701, d00924, d01220, d01341,
                                 d01840, d01910, d02006, d02230, d02274, d02462,
                                 d03000, d03122, d03127, d03292, d03619, d03678,
                                 d03740, d03776, d04045, d04158, d04169, d04254,
                                 d04653, d04805, d05923, d06065, d06156, d06519
31.07.2007:  USA d04124, Czechia d06916, Australia d07083
once more:   USA d07130, Egypt d07131, China d07132
                     Germany d00418, Austria d05386, Italy d05645
28.07.2007:  France d06283, d06284 Austria d00674
27.07.2007: update d00058, d00273, d00805, d01331, d01894, d02291,
                                d03153, d03232, d03323, d03381, d03548, d03653,
                                d03665, d03943, d04005, d04080, d04261, d04264,
                                d04598, d05296, d05342, d05427, d05464, d05534,
                                d05539, d05727, d06466, d06722, d06892, d07001
26.07.2007:  Italy  d07232, d07233, d07234
25.07.2007:  Italy  d07229d07230, d07231
24.07.2007:  Italy  d07226, d07227, d07228
23.07.2007:  Italy  d07223, d07224, d07225
22.07.2007: update d00172, d00376, d00388, d00414, d00866, d01408,
                                 d01440, d01492, d01659, d01785, d02704, d03082,
                                 d03145, d03152, d03165, d03518, d04000, d04187,
                                 d04250, d04326, d04338, d04340, d04360, d04410,
                                 d04594, d05442, d05598, d05943, d06305, d06899
21.07.2007:  Italy  d07220, d07221, d07222
20.07.2007:  Italy  d07217, d07218, d07219
new possibility: view, You can to see 5 cards (sA; sK; sQ; sJ, hQ) from each deck (if there are).
pages are big: images not redused (25 decks/page).
19.07.2007:  Italy  d07214, d07215, d07216
18.07.2007:  Italy  d07211, d07212, d07213
17.07.2007:  update d00058, d00184, d00550, d01254, d01698, d02243,
                                 d02295, d02879, d02991, d03153, d03573, d04003,
                                 d04018, d04183, d04263, d04271, d04329, d04331,
                                 d04333, d04334, d04619, d05174, d05465, d05488,
                                 d05632, d06136, d06146, d06723, d06726, d07085
16.07.2007:  Italy  d07208, d07209, d07210
15.07.2007:  Italy  d07205, d07206, d07207
14.07.2007:  Italy  d07202, d07203, d07204
13.07.2007:  Italy  d07199, d07200, d07201
12.07.2007:  update d00307, d00418, d00694, d01062, d01137, d01616,
                                  d01619, d01662, d01728, d01843, d01946, d02184,
                                  d02198, d02291, d02345, d02371, d02489, d02841,
                                  d02847, d03341, d03524, d03818, d03826, d03829,
                                  d04184, d04187, d04394, d04749, d04915, d05064
11.07.2007:  Denmark d05853, France d06299, Finland d05395
10.07.2007:  Belgium d01738, d03645, d05729
09.07.2007:  France d00128, d05925, d07047
08.07.2007:  Russia d05860, d05865, d05870
07.07.2007:  New Zealand d01258, Germany d04299, d04878
06.07.2007:  Denmark d01458, d02286, d03295
05.07.2007:  update d00520, d00587, d01007, d01040, d01492, d01565,
                                 d01616, d01763, d01903, d01915, d02191, d02274,
                                 d02620, d02708, d02847, d03017, d03040, d03152,
                                 d03288, d03479, d03829, d03914, d04005, d04157,
                                 d04187, d04609, d04613, d04988, d05224, d05521
04.07.2007:  Italy  d07196, d07197, d07198
03.07.2007:  Italy  d07193, d07194, d07195
02.07.2007:  Italy  d07190, d07191, d07192
01.07.2007:  Italy  d07187, d07188, d07189
30.06.2007:  update d00058, d00865, d01195, d01378, d01666, d02184,
                                  d03167, d03286, d03287, d03308, d03659, d03776,
                                  d03943, d04019, d04194, d04258, d04261, d04271,
                                  d04331, d04334, d04752, d04882, d05098, d05174,
                                  d05204, d05260, d05537, d06506, d06544, d06709
29.06.2007:  Italy  d07184, d07185, d07186
28.06.2007:  Belgium d07181, d07182, Italy  d07183
27.06.2007:  Italy  d07178, d07179, d07180
26.06.2007:  France d07175, d07176, Italy  d07177
25.06.2007:  update d00761, d00942, d00967, d00968, d01132, d01144,
                                 d02024, d02635, d02641, d03357, d03377, d03548,
                                 d03596, d03669, d03711, d04005, d04058, d04083,
                                 d04343, d04533, d04633, d04825, d04830, d05088,
                                 d05392, d05516, d05731, d05863, d06851, d06999
24.06.2007:  China d07172, France d07173, d07174
23.06.2007:  France d07169, d07170, d07171
22.06.2007:  France d07166, d07167, d07168
21.06.2007:  France d07163, d07164, d07165
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20.06.2007:  update d00012, d00359, d00535, d00835, d00836, d01174,
                                 d01183, d01380, d01539, d02111, d02169, d02200,
                                 d02781, d02791d03153, d03378, d03848, d03886,
                                 d03913d04003, d04260, d04340, d05642, d05762,
                                 d05763, d05855, d06111, d06544, d06707, d06713
19.06.2007:  France d07160, d07161, d07162
18.06.2007:  Russia d02285, d02288, d02757
17.06.2007:  Italy d06759 Austria d05192, d05456
16.06.2007:  Italy d06062, d06195, d06196
15.06.2007:  Italy d00640, d02874, d03050
14.06.2007:  Spain d03383, d03387, d06893
13.06.2007:  Spain d02098d04975, d05375
12.06.2007:  Russia d01301, d01353d01781
11.06.2007:  China d01214, d01215, d04728
10.06.2007:  France d07157, d07158, d07159
09.06.2007:  France d07154, d07155, d07156
08.06.2007:  France d07151, d07152, d07153
07.06.2007:  France d07148, d07149, d07150
06.06.2007:  France d07145, d07146, d07147
05.06.2007: Italy d00013, d00971, d01780, d01864, d02284,
                             d02942, d04972, d04973, d04981, d04988
04.06.2007:  update d00145, d00250, d00412, d00725, d01179, d01202,
                                  d01376, d01484, d02110, d02289, d02326, d02582,
                                  d03227, d03666, d03916, d03992, d04157, d04177,
                                  d04184, d04216, d04238, d04253, d04258, d04598,
                                  d04824, d05544, d05768, d05781, d06565, d07032
03.06.2007:  France d07142, d07143d07144
02.06.2007:  France d07139, d07140, d07141
01.06.2007:  France d07136d07137, d07138
31.05.2007:  France d07133, d07134, d07135
30.05.2007:  update d00254, d01492, d01893, d02169, d02291, d02489,
                                 d02910, d02972, d03127, d03152, d03276, d03282,
                                 d03596, d03809, d03818, d03869, d03914, d03941,
                                 d03944, d04011, d04063, d04170, d04172, d04188,
                                 d04334, d04531, d04973, d06771, d06817, d06983
29.05.2007:  Swiss d00282 UK d03278, China d05765
28.05.2007:  France d01725, d02164, d04577
27.05.2007:  France d05173, d05392, d06941
26.05.2007:  update d00067, d00097, d00631, d00642, d00661, d00827,
                                  d01009, d01258, d01363, d01410, d01628, d01754,
                                  d02242, d02573, d02898, d02899, d03054, d03098,
                                  d03177, d03201, d03226, d03324, d03516, d03548,
                                  d03584, d04003, d04410, d04421, d05148, d05178
25.05.2007:   jokers d07103, d07104, d07105, d07106, d07107, d07108,
                                  d07109, d07110, d07111, d07112, d07113, d07114,
                                  d07115, d07116, d07117, d07118, d07119, d07120,
                                  d07121, d07122, d07123, d07124, d07125, d07126,
                                  d07127, d07128, d07129d07130, d07131, d07132
24.05.2007:   jokers d07073, d07074, d07075, d07076, d07077, d07078,
                                  d07079, d07080, d07081, d07082, d07083, d07084,                 
                                  d07085, d07086, d07087, d07088, d07089, d07090,
                                  d07091, d07092, d07093, d07094, d07095, d07096,
                                  d07097, d07098, d07099, d07100, d07101, d07102
23.05.2007:   jokers d07043d07044, d07045, d07046, d07047, d07048,
                                  d07049, d07050d07051, d07052, d07053, d07054,
                                  d07055, d07056, d07057, d07058, d07059, d07060,
                                  d07061, d07062, d07063, d07064, d07065, d07066,
                                  d07067, d07068, d07069, d07070, d07071, d07072
22.05.2007:  France d07040, d07041, d07042
21.05.2007:  France d07037, d07038, d07039
20.05.2007:  France d07034, d07035, d07036
19.05.2007:  France d07031, d07032, d07033
18.05.2007:  France d07028, d07029d07030
17.05.2007:  France d07025, d07026, d07027
16.05.2007:  France d07022, d07023, d07024
15.05.2007:  France d01793, d02011, d02018
14.05.2007:  France d00342, d02019, d04484
13.05.2007:  France d07019, d07020, d07021
12.05.2007:  France d07016, d07017, d07018
11.05.2007:  Russia d06296, d06712, Greece d03056
10.05.2007:  Russia d05530, d05895, d05949
09.05.2007:  Austria d04303, France d03505, d05402
08.05.2007:  update  d00145, d00395, d00415, d00689, d00979, d01161,
                                   d01422, d01426, d01427, d02007, d03228, d03313,
                                   d03524, d03585, d03682, d04184, d04232, d04253,
                                   d04326, d04463, d04483, d04616, d04773, d04774,
                                   d05585, d06032, d06681, d06771, d06921, d06940
07.05.2007:  Poland d05092, d05383, d06536
06.05.2007:  France d00409, d01797, d04756
05.05.2007:  update d00058, d00465, d00470, d01277, d01338, d01740,
                                  d02191, d02304, d02625, d02847, d03148, d03152,
                                  d03341, d03748, d03829, d03896, d03925, d03941,
                                  d04187, d04307, d04460, d04757, d04758, d04829,
                                  d04830, d04915, d05415, d05943, d06312, d06908
04.05.2007:  France d00764, d00791, d05388
03.05.2007:  France d01428, d02941, d04760
02.05.2007:  Argentina d07013, d07014, France d07015
01.05.2007:  Argentina d07010, d07011, d07012
30.04.2007:  Argentina d07007, d07008, d07009
29.04.2007:  Argentina d07004, d07005, d07006
28.04.2007:  Brazil d07001, d07002, d07003
27.04.2007:  update  d00058, d00470, d00805, d00807, d00940, d01016,
                                   d01022, d01205, d01229, d02201, d02291, d02483,
                                   d02489, d02847, d03153, d03163, d03167, d03227,
                                   d03592, d04003, d04019, d04255, d04271, d04334,
                                   d04424, d04505, d04893, d05435, d05501, d05529
26.04.2007:  China d01729, d06057, d06230
25.04.2007:  France d03277, d06142, Argentina d04018
24.04.2007:  China d02280, d04156, d06932
23.04.2007:  Australia d01723, New Zealand d00700, Finland d04579
22.04.2007:  Egypt d03953, Brazil d02003, d04102
21.04.2007:  update d00041, d00569, d00994, d01286, d01315, d01397,
                                  d01427, d01525, d01596, d01827, d02188, d02291,
                                  d03096, d03328, d03371, d03516, d04014, d04065,
                                  d04169, d04170, d04182, d04187, d04258, d04263,
                                  d04331, d04617, d04531, d04717, d04756, d04821
20.04.2007:  Belgium d06998, Canada d06999, d07000
Greece d06995, India d06996, d06997
18.04.2007:  Egypt d06992, d06993, d06994
17.04.2007:  Egypt d06989, d06990, d06991
16.04.2007:  update d00058, d01492, d01498, d01964, d02243, d02244,
                                 d02475, d02507, d02593, d03165, d03292, d03505,
                                 d03799, d03829, d04003, d04005, d04045, d04168,
                                 d04173, d04184, d04185, d04271, d04334, d04633,
                                 d04815, d05064, d05172, d05544, d06130, d06463
15.04.2007: jokers d06959, d06960, d06961, d06962, d06963, d06964,
                                d06965, d06966, d06967, d06968, d06969, d06970,
                                d06971, d06972, d06973, d06974, d06975, d06976,
                                d06977, d06978, d06979, d06980, d06981, d06982,
                                d06983, d06984, d06985, d06986, d06987, d06988
14.04.2007: jokers d06929d06930, d06931, d06932, d06933, d06934,
                                d06935, d06936d06937, d06938, d06939, d06940,
                                d06941, d06942, d06943d06944, d06945, d06946,
                                d06947, d06948, d06949, d06950d06951, d06952,
                                d06953, d06954, d06955, d06956, d06957, d06958
13.04.2007:  update  d00145, d00505, d00634, d01065, d01205, d01557,
                                   d01602, d01635, d01693, d02282, d02943, d03341,
                                   d03349, d03402, d03529, d03857, d03872, d04019,
                                   d04065, d04161, d04187, d04191, d04263, d04267,
                                   d04428, d04619, d04761, d05217, d05296, d06678
12.04.2007: Sweden d06926, Hungary d06927, Poland d06928
11.04.2007: USA d06923, Spain d06924,
Trinidad d06925
10.04.2007: Italy d06920, Japan  d06921, d06922
09.04.2007: Venezuela d06917, d06918, Italy d06919
08.04.2007: jokers d06887, d06888, d06889, d06890, d06891, d06892,
                               d06893, d06894, d06895, d06896, d06897, d06898,
                               d06899, d06900, d06901, d06902, d06903, d06904,
                               d06905, d06906, d06907, d06908, d06909, d06910,
                               d06911, d06912, d06913, d06914, d06915, d06916
07.04.2007:  update d00805, d00869, d00885, d01184, d01521, d01662,
                                 d01689, d01874, d02026, d02295, d02489, d03153,
                                 d03235, d03288, d03291, d03818, d03833, d04003,
                                 d04184, d04198, d04331, d04334, d04460, d04585,
                                 d05093, d05781, d05901, d05943, d06207, d06455
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06.04.2007: Portugal d06884, d06885,
Guatemala d06886
update d00399, d00410, d00704, d00815, d00982, d01007d01088,
d01726, d01762, d02674, d03244, d03276, d03625, d03681, d03887
05.04.2007: Taiwan d06881, d06882, Norway d06883
04.04.2007: Germany d06878, d06879, d06880
Czechia d06875, d06876, d06877
02.03.2007: update  d04047, d04081, d04178, d04338, d04409,
                                  d04503, d04541, d04593, d04594, d04717,
                                  d04891, d05064, d05795, d05852, d06445
01.03.2007: Sweden d03789, d04121, Spain d04747
31.03.2007: Poland d06872, Belgium d06873, d06874
30.03.2007: Hungaria d00007, France d01427, Marocco d00412
29.03.2007: Poland d06869, d06870, d06871
28.03.2007: Swiss d01668, USA d02939, Holland d05968
27.03.2007: Poland d06866, d06867, d06868
26.03.2007:  update d00040, d00067, d00336, d00431, d00639, d00782,
                                 d01138, d01235, d02178, d02233, d02322, d02329,
                                 d02625, d02842, d03024, d03152, d03315, d03417,
                                 d03681, d04023, d04643, d04766, d04865, d05064,
                                 d05086, d05524, d06493, d06535, d06690, d06730
25.03.2007: Belgium d02653, d03154, Germany d01355 
24.03.2007: Taiwan d06863, d06864, d06865
23.03.2007: Taiwan d06860, d06861, d06862
22.03.2007: Taiwan d06857, d06858, d06859
21.03.2007: Portugal d04889, Austria d01638, d01690
20.03.2007: USA d06854, d06856 unknown d06855
19.03.2007: Australia d02879,
New Zealand d04575, USA d04649
18.03.2007: USA d06851, d06852, d06853
17.03.2007: Portugal d01560, Japan d01744, d04014
16.03.2007: update d00464, d00689, d01082, d01138, d01269, d01418,
                                d01559, d01565, d02179, d02499, d02642, d02782,
                                d03136, d04005, d04019, d04163, d04170d04183,
                                d04258, d04267, d04271, d05183, d05193, d05198,
                                d05638, d06090, d06130, d06277, d06572, d06614
15.03.2007:  jokers d06821, d06822, d06823, d06824, d06825, d06826,
                                 d06827, d06828, d06829d06830, d06831, d06832,
                                 d06833, d06834, d06835, d06836d06837, d06838,
                                 d06839, d06840, d06841, d06842, d06843d06844,
                                 d06845, d06846, d06847, d06848, d06849, d06850
14.03.2007:   jokers d06791, d06792, d06793, d06794, d06795, d06796,
                                 d06797, d06798, d06799, d06800, d06801, d06802,
                                 d06803, d06804, d06805, d06806, d06807, d06808,
                                 d06809, d06810, d06811, d06812, d06813, d06814,
                                 d06815, d06816, d06817, d06818, d06819, d06820
13.03.2007:   jokers d06761, d06762, d06763, d06764, d06765, d06766,
                                  d06767, d06768, d06769, d06770, d06771, d06772,
                                  d06773, d06774, d06775, d06776, d06777, d06778,
                                  d06779, d06780, d06781, d06782, d06783, d06784,
                                  d06785, d06786, d06787, d06788, d06789, d06790
12.03.2007:   jokers d06731, d06732, d06733, d06734, d06735, d06736,
                                  d06737, d06738, d06739, d06740, d06741, d06742,
                                  d06743d06744, d06745, d06746, d06747, d06748,
                                  d06749, d06750d06751, d06752, d06753, d06754,
                                  d06755, d06756, d06757, d06758, d06759, d06760
.03.2007:   jokers d06701, d06702, d06703, d06704, d06705, d06706,
                                  d06707, d06708, d06709, d06710, d06711, d06712,
                                  d06713, d06714, d06715, d06716, d06717, d06718,
                                  d06719, d06720, d06721, d06722, d06723, d06724,
                                  d06725, d06726, d06727, d06728, d06729d06730
10.03.2007: Belgium d06698, d06699, d06700
09.03.2007: Sweden d06695, d06696, Denmark d06697
08.03.2007: USA d01717, d02958, d05567
07.03.2007: USA d06692, d06693, Norway d06694
06.03.2007:  update: d00782, d01380, d02184, d02489, d02564, d02847,
                                   d03136, d03153, d03328d03381, d03818, d03914,
                                   d04014, d04187, d04336, d04821, d05058, d05222,
                                   d05263, d05296, d05415, d05429, d05948, d05978,
                                   d06111, d06055, d06086, d06281, d06480 d06549
05.03.2007: France d03300, d03745, UK d04326
04.03.2007: Australia d06689, d06690, d06691
Germany d00228, d00334, d05482
02.03.2007: Austria d06686, d06687, USA d06688
01.03.2007:  update: d00058, d00294, d00436, d00829, d01492, d01521,
                                  d01717, d01804, d01889, d01951, d02350, d02497,
                                  d02576, d03037, d03625, d03735, d03836, d04121,
                                  d04132, d04184, d04241, d04720, d04752, d05188,
                                  d05191, d05556, d05937, d05999, d06111, d06138
Germany d06683, Austria d06684, d06685
27.02.2007: Hungary d01782, Belgium d02848, d03958
26.02.2007: France d06680, d06681, d06682
25.02.2007: Mexico d02999, Denmark d01458, d03926
25.02.2007:  update: d00782, d00965, d01586, d01591, d01706, d01744,
                                  d02213, d02958, d03062, d03118, d03165, d03681,
                                  d03747, d03825, d03912, d03913, d04003, d04047,
                                  d04073, d04184, d04259, d04344, d04620, d04717,
                                  d04754, d04880, d05220, d05539, d05748, d06091
24.02.2007: France d06677,
Germany d06678, Russia d06679
Germany d03928, d05468, d05769
22.02.2007: Austria d06674, Italy d06675, d06676
21.02.2007: Austria d00484, d03757 New Zealand d05926
20.02.2007: update: d00272, d00335, d00574, d00635, d00782, d00981,
                                  d01171, d01202, d01257, d01655, d01659, d01942,
                                  d01954, d02948, d03040, d03059, d03139, d03144,
                                  d03255, d03726, d03990, d04016, d04253, d04257,
                                  d04776, d05417, d05768, d06196, d06302, d06460
19.02.2007: Austria d06671, d06672, d06673
18.02.2007: Russia d02602, d05073, d05273
17.02.2007: France d06668, d06669,  Austria d06670
16.02.2007: Austria d01789, d03883, d04439
15.02.2007:  update: d00413, d01022, d01024, d01208, d01380, d01476,
                                  d01605, d01693, d01696, d01767, d01866, d01950,
                                  d02550, d02551, d02573, d02799, d03145, d03153,
                                  d03292, d03818, d04340, d04414, d04579, d04587,
                                  d04893, d05403, d05935, d05937, d05943, d06130
Germany d06665, d06666, Hungary d06667
13.02.2007: Spain d03001,
Germany d04844, d00418
12.02.2007: Belgium d06662, d06663, Holland d06664
11.02.2007: USA d00656, d01717, d01924
10.02.2007:  update: d00054, d00662, d00867, d00931, d01052, d01492
                                   d01651, d01899, d01939, d01964, d02184, d02243,
                                   d02282, d02322, d02525, d02562, d02890, d02931,
                                   d02999, d03165, d03286, d03588, d04542, d04738,
                                   d04824, d05010, d05524, d05744, d06519, d06550
09.02.2007: USA d02204, d03973, d05089
08.02.2007: Italy d06659, d06660, d06661
07.02.2007: Italy d06656, d06657, d06658
06.02.2007: Italy d06653, d06654, d06655
05.02.2007: update: d00058, d01493, d01494, d01835, d02618, d03001,
                                  d03017, d03126, d03227, d03473, d03510, d03604,
                                  d03747, d03829, d03914, d04003, d04260, d04263,
                                  d04271, d04326, d04331, d04334, d04544, d04584,
                                  d04717, d05408, d05424, d05768, d05899, d06637
04.02.2007: Belgium d01556d01624,
Germany d02628
03.02.2007: Latvia d06650d06651, d06652
Germany d01007, d00237, UK d04776
Germany d06647, Italy d06648, Czechia d06649
31.01.2007:  update: d00418, d00474, d00981, d01016, d01053, d01055,
                                   d01197, d01208, d01362, d01371, d01392, d01605,
                                   d01659, d01765, d01899, d01903, d01915, d01947,
                                   d02007, d02205, d02206, d02212, d02234, d02669,
                                   d02893, d03912, d03970, d03974, d06006, d06550
30.01.2007: Spain d01440, d04581, d04887
29.01.2007: Latvia d06644, d06645, d06646
28.01.2007: Germany d00253, d03794, d05467
27.01.2007: Belgium d06641, d06642
Germany d06643
26.01.2007: Brazil d00828, France d01161, Austria d05175
25.01.2007: USA d06638, d06639, d06640
24.01.2007:  update: d00229, d00656, d00885, d00969, d01633, d01635,
                                  d01736, d01903, d02345, d02501, d02503, d02573,
                                  d02847, d03000, d03340, d03341, d03455, d04184,
                                  d04259, d04271, d04326, d04408, d04583, d04587,
                                  d04879, d05513, d05561, d05861, d05926, d06565
23.01.2007: Hungary d01537, Belgium d04772, d04963
22.01.2007: Poland d06635, d06636, Russia d06637
21.01.2007: Austria d00978, d02839, d03565
20.01.2007: China d06632, d06633, d06634
19.01.2007: Latvia d02925, Spain d04120, d04485
18.01.2007: Russia d06629d06630, d06631
17.01.2007: Russia d06626, d06627, d06628
16.01.2007: Russia d06623, d06624, d06625
15.01.2007: jokers d06593, d06594, d06595, d06596, d06597, d06598,
                               d06599, d06600, d06601, d06602, d06603, d06604,
                               d06605, d06606, d06607, d06608, d06609, d06610,
                               d06611, d06612, d06613, d06614, d06615, d06616,
                               d06617, d06618, d06619, d06620, d06621, d06622
14.01.2007: jokers d06563, d06564, d06565, d06566, d06567, d06568,
                               d06569, d06570, d06571, d06572, d06573, d06574,
                               d06575, d06576, d06577, d06578, d06579, d06580,
                               d06581, d06582, d06583, d06584, d06585, d06586,
                               d06587, d06588, d06589, d06590, d06591, d06592
13.01.2007: jokers d06533, d06534, d06535, d06536d06537, d06538,
                                d06539, d06540, d06541, d06542, d06543d06544,
                                d06545, d06546, d06547, d06548, d06549, d06550
                                d06551, d06552, d06553, d06554, d06555, d06556,
                                d06557, d06558, d06559, d06560, d06561, d06562
12.01.2007: USA d06530, d06531, d06532
11.01.2007: Belgium d06527, d06528,
Germany d06529
10.01.2007: UK d03556, d03613, Denmark d04394
09.01.2007: China d06524, d06525, d06526
08.01.2007:  update: d00134, d00135, d00699, d01099, d01164, d01290,
                                  d01355, d01973, d01989, d02782, d02927, d03405,
                                  d03735, d04002, d04014, d04020, d04187, d04233,
                                  d04271, d04331, d04334, d04460, d04744, d04756,
                                  d04891, d05212, d05220, d05223, d05296, d05924
07.01.2007: UK d01392, Latvia d02929, Holland d06385
06.01.2007: Latvia  d00124, d02930,
Germany d00858
05.01.2007: Germany d00546, d00565, d01849
04.01.2007: Russia d02691, d06295, USA d06497
03.01.2007: Czechia d00007, d01082 Poland d06273
02.01.2007: update: d00981, d01492, d01615, d01737, d02111, d02346,
                                  d02494, d02625, d03783, d03847, d03923, d03944,
                                  d03966, d04005, d04019d04047, d04059, d04182,
                                  d04184, d04185, d04653, d04914, d05218, d05222,
                                  d05224, d05225, d05415, d06015, d06065, d06142
01.01.2007: Happy New Year: d00063!
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