"Ets. Mesmaekers Freres S.A." (Belgium)

standard joker since 1940
now used by "Carta mundi" usually with  WWPCM04328

d02645j01b d02645j01 d02645j02 d02645j02b d02645j02c d02645j02d
d02645j03a d02645j03b d02645j05
d02645j04 d02645j06 d02645r13 d02645r26
d02645r01 d02645r02 d02645r04 d02645r24 d02645r07 d02645r11
d02645r06a d02645r06b d02645r08 d02645r10 d02645r10b d02645r17
d02645r14 d02645r21 d02645r12 d02645r09 d02645r09b d02645r19
d02645r16 d02645r16b d02645r23 d02645r27 d02645r05 d02645r05b
d02645r18 d02645r18b d02645r20 d02645r20b d02645r25a d02645r25b
"Prima No.1938":
d02645r03 d02645r03b

used with:
-  "Cartes imperiales"  WWPCM00479;

- Rhineland pattern: 1950s - WWPCM03917  and 1940s -
1. WWPCM02645/01: deck "No.1424" (52+ j02, r10), 1940s
dimension 61x93 mm

spade heart diamond club
ace ace ace ace
king king king king
queen queen queen queen
jack jack jack jack

Lit.: Turnhoutse Speelkaarten No.62; Braun 1049