publisher "Playboy Products"
deck "Playboy"
printed by "USPCC" (narrow, since 1971, but what is r04?)  and "Hoyle" (wide, only?)

"USPCC" d01557j01 d01557a01 sA1 sA3
d01557r04 box box box2 box2
d01557r01 d01557r01c r01box    
d01557r03 d01557a02 d01557r06 d01557a03 d01557r02
d01557r07 d01557a04 d01557r05 d01557r08 d01557r09
d01557r10 d01557r11 d01557r12    
"Hoyle" d01557j02 sA2 d01557r01b box3
  d01557j03   d01557r01d  

Full deck

heart diamond club
ace ace ace

other cards are the USPCC standard

2. WWPCM01557/02: reprint by "Nintendo" (Japan)
deck "Gent's Club Casino"

d01557j04 d01557r13