"Perfection Playing Card Co." (USA)
brands "Leader No.325"&"Winner No.333", 1890
Lit.: Hochman PU4

d05212j01 d05212j02 brand used and joker:

with red variant so

box1 box1 box3 box3 box2 box2
d05212r08 d00685r04 d00685r04b d05212r02 d05212r03 d05212r09
d05212r04b d05212r04 d05212r11 d05212r07 d05212r06 d05212r06b
d05212r01 d05212r01b d05212r05 d05212r05b d05212r10 d05212r10b
d05212r12 d05212r12b d05212r13 d05212r14 d05212r15a d05212r15b

standard deck:

spade heart diamond club
ace ace
king king king//king king
queen queen queen
jack jack jack