deck "Vogue No. 831", c.1910
canadian department printed this deck with Ace showing the USPCC name
Hochman US47

d05632j01 d05632sA d05632sA2 box1 d05632a01  
d05632r001a d05632r001b d05632r002 d05632r002b d05632r003  
d05632r006 d05632r006b d05632r006c j05-r006c j05: U157,
sA2 - 12 15
by canadian department,
Toronto, 1914-1918
Hochman CDN14
(No.83 - plain edges)
d01257j03 d05632sA4/r012 d05632r011 d05632r010 d05632r012
brand ? d05632j02 d05632r005 d05632r013    
d05632j03 d05632r013b      

unknown narrow edition:

d05632j04 d05632r015 d05632r018  
d05632j06 d05632r016 d05632j07 d05632r017

deck "Vogue No. 831X"

d10517j01 d05632sA3/r007 box2 box3 d05632a02  
d05632r004b d05632r004c d05632r004      
d05632r007c d05632r007 d05632r007b d05632r009 d05632r009b r009  joker
No.831 with gold edges: d05632r014b d05632r014 r014  joker r014box  
by canadian department: d01257j03 d05632r008 r008box