"Brown&Bigelow" (USA)
deck "Amalagamated Meat Cutters", 1952

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d03731r01 d03731r01b box
spade heart diamond club
ace ace ace ace
king king king king
queen queen queen queen
jack jack
7 7
6 6
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2 2 2 2

there is a leaflet (01, 02):
This deck was prepared with a three-fold purpose in mind:
1. To acknowledge our debt of gratitude to the deceased Champions and Crusaders featured on these cards and to express appreciation for the countless other Pioneers of Labor who likewise gave their All that we might have a richer, fuller life.
2. To demonstrate our sincere hope that the faces and sketches of these Labor Greats here shown and the memories of the others they represent might stimulate in every American a deeper appreciation of Labor and its role in the life of the nation.
3. To serve as a constant reminder to Labor that as the Labor Movement was built through the years not by any single group but by the hardships, persecutions, blood, toil and life itself of men and women, without regard to creed, color or nationality, so that same unity. cooperation, sacrifice and devotion must form the basis for any future Labor progress.
International President
International Secretary-Treasurer
Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America
A. F. of L. 2800 North Sheridan Road, Chicago 14, Illinois, U.S.A.
Lit.: Hochman Un6