decks "
Great Northern Railroad" (USA)
usually by "Brown&Bigelow" since 1935

1. WWPCM00940/01: edition 1935

d00940j03 d00940sA2 d00940r05 d00940r06

2. WWPCM00940/02: edition 1939

d00940j05 d00940sA3 d00940r07 d00940r08
d00940r09 r09box d00940r10 r10box

3. WWPCM00940/03: edition 1962

d00940j01 d00940j02 d00940sA d00940c2 standard B&B courts, but all pip cards are with logo as this deus
d00940r01 d00940r02 r02sA d00940r14 d00940r14b d00940r14c
d00940a02 d00940a03 d00940a01 box1

4. WWPCM00940/04: edition 1965

d00940j04 d00940sA d00940c2  
d00940r03 d00940r04 d00940a02 I saw
r04 & r01
in one box
r04extra box2 box3 r04box

5. WWPCM00940/05: edition with standard joker

d02847r087a d02847r087b

6. WWPCM00940/06: edition by "USPCC", 1931

d00940j07 d00940j08 r12sA d00940r12c d00940r12 d00940r12b

7. WWPCM00940/07: edition by "USPCC" (?)

d00940j06 d00940r04
r15sA d00940r15a d00940r15b d00940r13 d00940r13b  
d00940r11 d00940r11b r16sA d00940r16 r17sA d00940r17
d00940j09 d00940r18        
d00940j10 r19sA d00940r19