"Hudson Industries"  (Australia)
deck "Canasta", since 1950s

first joker: d03315j02 d03315sA2
1960-70s "Hudson"  and
d03315j01 d03315sA4 d03315sA5 d03315sA box2a box2b
"John Sands"
edition  by "Norcross" (New Zealand) d03315j03 r03, r14;
but printing with j02 so, as r014b, compare
cutting of r014 & r014b
d03315r14 d03315r14b
box1 box3 box4a box4b
d03315r36 d03315r02b d03315r02 d03315r04 d03315r19
d03315r03 d03315r05 d03315r06 d03315r07 d03315r09
d03315r08 d03315r18 d03315r10 d03315r12 d03315r23
d03315r11 d03315r13 d03315r15 d03315r16 d03315r17
d03315r20 d03315r21 d03315r37 d03315r25 d03315r26
d03315r24 d03315r27 d03315r28 d03315r29 d03315r30
d03315r31 d03315r32 d03315r33 d03315r34 d03315r35
d03315r22 d03315r38 d03315r01 d03315r01b

standard courts as WWPCM03510, examples:

d03315sQ d03315h3