"Angel Playing Cards Co., Ltd" (Japan)
 standard joker
cards marked as "Angel", but courts the same as ZheJiang (China)

deck No.1003 d04059j08b d04059j08 d04059j09 d04059j10 d04059j11 d04059j20
  d04059r005 d04059r005b      
deck No.1111 d04059j13 d04059j22 d04059r007 d04059r007b
"Club No.727"
d04059j02 d04059j03 d04059r002b d04059r002 box  
with r002 d04059j07a d04059j07b d04059j14 d04059j15 d04059j21
  d04059j16 d04059r008
plastic box,
25x35 mm.
d04059j01 d04059r001
deck "Club" d04059j04 d04059r003 d04059r003b
deck "?" d04059j12a d04059j12 d04059r006 d04059r006b
deck "?" d04059j19a d04059j19b d04059r010 d04059r007 d04059r007b  
deck "?" d04059j18   d04059r006
deck "?" d04059j17a d04059j17b d04059r009
chinesse edition
d04059j05a d04059j05b d04059r004  
chinesse edition?
d04059j06a d04059j06b  

Full deck (727),   dimension 63x89 mm.

spade heart diamond club
ace ace ace ace
king king king king
queen queen queen queen
jack jack jack jack
10 9 8 7