Sands and McDougall" (Australia)
advertising decks with standard courts,
since c.1900
1. WWPCM06493/01: deck "Hartley Cycles"
, ca.1900

d06493j01 d06493r01 d06493sK

2. WWPCM06493/02: deck "Crystal Court Dry Gin", 1920s
there is a special joker

d06493sA2 d06493r02

3. WWPCM06493/03: deck "Old Court Whisky", 1920s
there is a special joker

d06493sA3 d06493hA3 d06493dA3 d06493cA3 d06493r03

4. WWPCM06493/04: deck "Ashes of Violets" & "Ashes of Roses", 1920s
for perfume maker Bourjois (Paris)

d06493j04 d06493sA4 d06493r04 d06493j25 d06493r24

5. WWPCM06493/05: deck "Dewar's Whisky", 1930s

d06493j05 d06493sA5 d06493r05 d06493r05b

6. WWPCM06493/06: deck "King George IV Whisky", 1920s
there is a special joker

d06493sA6 d06493r06

7. WWPCM06493/07: deck "Hartleys Sports Stores", 1920s

d06493j07 d06493sA7 d06493r07 d06493r07b d06493a01
edition by "Paper Products", 1930s d06493sA7b d06493r07c  
edition ? d06493sA7c d06493r07d    

8. WWPCM06493/08: deck "Mc.Ilwraith Mc.Eacharn Line", c.1910
dimension 64x88 mm

d06493j08 d06493sA8 d06493r08a d06493r08b

9. WWPCM06493/09: deck "Melbourne Ale Bitter", 1920s

d06493j09 d06493sA9 d06493r09 with sA9: d06493r09b

10. WWPCM06493/10: deck "Vickers Gin", 1930s

d06493j10 d06493sA10 d06493r10

11. WWPCM06493/11: deck "F.H.Stephens Services", 1950s
courts the same as WWPCM05524/01

d06493j11 d06493r11a d06493r11b

12. WWPCM06493/12: deck "Kayser", 1940s
courts the same as WWPCM05524/01

d06493j12 d06493r12a d06493r12b

14. WWPCM06493/14: deck "TSS Canberra", c.1930
for "
Australian Steamships Pty Ltd"; courts the same as WWPCM05524/01

d06493j13 d06493sA13 d06493r13a d06493r13b

14. WWPCM06493/14: deck "SFA Co.", c.1898
for Norman Brothers stationers in Melbourne
SFA = Stationery + Fancy goods + Artists materials

d06493sA14 d06493r14

15. WWPCM06493/15: deck "Lowndes", 1930s
courts the same as WWPCM05524/02

d06493j15 d06493sA15 d06493r15a d06493r15b

16. WWPCM06493/16: deck "Commonwealth Railways", 1930s

d06493j16 d06493sA16 d06493r16a d06493r16b
unknown joker/ace: d06493r16c box/c.1940  
  d06493r16d box d06493r16e

17. WWPCM06493/17: deck "The Adelaide Tailoring Co.", 1940s

d06493j17 d06493r17

18. WWPCM06493/18: deck "J. Kennon and Sons", c.1910

d06493j18 r18sA d06493r18

19. WWPCM06493/19: deck "Insectibane", 1900s

d06493j19 r19sA d06493r19 d06493r19b

20. WWPCM06493/20: deck "Oceana", 1910s

r20sA d06493r20a d06493r20b d06493r20c r20box

21. WWPCM06493/21: deck "Motor", 1902


22. WWPCM06493/22: deck "Patriotic", c.1917
cards with inscription: “The Commonwealth Calls” and “Keep Playing the Game”

d06493j22 r22sA r22hA r22dA r22cA d06493r22

23. WWPCM06493/23: deck "Shell Marine Oils"

d06493j23 d06493r23

24. WWPCM06493/24: deck "?"