standard jokers of 
"Assn. of American Playing Card Manufacturers", 1939-1940s
printed by "Brown&Bigelow", "USPCC", "Western Publishing Co."  and may be other printers
(I don't know differences in design of  B&B and WPCo.  images)
Hochman didn't listed this jokers and didn't write any word about this Association. Why?
He had know!
I am monitoring Ebay about 15 years. And I saw a lot of miscomplectations: the same boxes/brands with different printers, stamps with other printers, the same designs of backs and inscriptions ("jokers", indices, etc.). And now I am sure:
"Assn. of American Playing Card Manufacturers" owned by USPCC,
but non announced due to Anti Monopolistic Law (
The Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914).
Only in 1980s-90s the situation was officially corrected - members of this Association were
acquired by USPCC.

Name of joker "B&B" "USPCC"
(I saw with Russell ace)
"USPCC" "W.P.Co." "W.P.Co."
History Lesson
d03825j01 d03825j01b d03825j01c   d03825j01d
History Lesson     d03825j01e    

Hear Ye!
d03825j02c d03825j02b d03825j02d d03825j02 j02 printed and by B&B,
j02c by WPC


Hear Ye!
      d03825j02e d03825j02f
Society Note d03825j03e d03825j03 d03825j03d d03825j03b d03825j03c
Society Note         d03825j03f
Distress Call d03825j04b d03825j04 d03825j04d the same as B&B d03825j04c
Distress Call   d03825j04f d03825j04e    
At Home d03825j05e d03825j05 d03825j05b d03825j05g
At Home d03825j05c d03825j05d   d03825j05f
Between YOU and ME d03825j06 d03825j06b d03825j06c the same as B&B and USPCC d03825j06d
Between YOU and ME   d03825j06e      

dimension 57x89 mm.