ZheJiang (China)
Mermaid jokers with standard courts by different printers
dimension 56/57x86/87 mm
1. WWPCM03939/01:

d03939j01a d03939j01b courts
the same as WWPCM03938
d03939r029a d03939r029b d03939r030 d03939r031    
No. 2000 "Xuebao"
d03939sA box box marked
there is box without mark& with other joker
deck ? d03939sA6 d03939r002
d03939j01a d03939j01b deck No.8068
"Diaoyu" by
"Hangzhou Yuren Paper Industry Ltd. Co."
courts the same as WWPCM09553, but with special king's brand inscription: r022sK  
r022extra r022sA d03939r022 r022box r022box
No. 8068,
d03939j27a d03939j27b r022sA r002extra 03939r002
d03939j16a d03939j16b d03939sA6 d03939r019 r019box d03939r025
deck ? d03939sA5  
wide brand "USFlagking" d03939j17 d03939r020
d03939j21 d03939j22 d03939j23 d03939r026
d03939j24a d03939j24b d03939r031  

2. WWPCM03939/02: Lanxi deck

d03939j02a d03939j02b d03939r003

3. WWPCM03939/03: Yiwu deck No.8068 "Wei brand"

d03939j03a d03939j03b d03939sA2 d03939r004 box

4. WWPCM03939/04:

for firm
"Land of Roses"
(Bulgaria), 2002
courts the same as WWPCM03938
d03939j04a d03939j04b d03939sA3 d03939r005/box



d03939j04c d03939j04d d03939r006  

5. WWPCM03939/05: Lanxi decks

d03939j05a d03939j05b d03939r007
d03939j13a d03939j13b

6. WWPCM03939/06: Wuyi deck "Yuren"

d03939j06a d03939j06b d03939r008 d03939r028

7. WWPCM03939/07: deck "Yao Ju Pai" by
"ZheJiang Wuyi Yaoju Paper Co. Ltd."

d03939j07a d03939j07b d03939r009 d03939r021 r021extra

8. WWPCM03939/08: Yiwu brand "Junyu"

d03939j08a d03939j08b d03939j08c d03939sA4 courts
the same as WWPCM04082;

9. WWPCM03939/09:

d03939j09a d03939j09b d03939r013

10. WWPCM03939/10: deck "Gouyujing"

d03939j10a d03939j10b d03939r014

11. WWPCM03939/11: deck "Changyu"

d03939j11a d03939j11b d03939r015

12. WWPCM03939/12: deck "Yugouwang" by "The East Poker Factory"

d03939j12a d03939j12b d03939r016

13. WWPCM03939/13: Yiwu deck "Yunyu"

d03939j14a d03939j14b d03939r017

14. WWPCM03939/14: deck "?"

d03939j15a d03939j15b d03939r018

15. WWPCM03939/15: deck "?"

d03939j19a d03939j19b d03939r023

16. WWPCM03939/16: deck "?"

d03939j20a d03939j20b d03939r024

17. WWPCM03939/17: deck "?"

d03939j25a d03939j25b d03939r033

18. WWPCM03939/18: deck "?"

d03939j26a d03939j26b d03939r034