USPCC (USA), brand "Aristocrat"
This  brand printed since 1915 with standard box&courts and different jokers&A.

box1 box2 Casino Finish

dimension 63x88 mm. 

bit of backs:


Hotel&Casino decks with
extra&special jokers
update 18.05.2007
? joker of  a brand "American Beauty" update 04.02.2003
since 1912 joker of "Russell PCC"
update 16.06.2002

Hotel&Casino decks with unknown jokers

Aliante Station d03226r10a d03226r10b
Ameristar d03226r74 d03226r74b d03226r74c d03226r75a d03226r75b
Angel Winds d03226r68        
Argosy d03226r79 d03226r80 d03226r11a d03226r11b d03226r12
Aztar d03226r14a d03226r14b      
Arizona Charlie's d03226r60 r60sA d03226r60b d03226r60c  
Avi d03226r13        
Bally's d03226r53  
Big Rock d03226r70        
Buffalo Bill's d03226r54a d03226r54b d03226r54ec d03226r54ec1 d03226r54ec2
Buffalo Thunder d03226r71a d03226r71b
Cameo Club d03226r25
Carl Giudici d03226r07
Cash Casino d03226r08
Catfish Bend d03226r48
Central Palace d03226r23
Chinook Winds d03226r67b d03226r67 r67extra    
Eastside Cannery d03226r69        
Fantasy Springs d03226r05        
Gold Dust d03226r82        
Golden Gate d03226r65 r65sA  
Golden Phoenix d03226r66 d03226r81  
Great Northern d03226r04        
Horizon d03226r77    
Kewadin d03226r46
Mandalay Bay d03226r35 d03226r35b
MargaritavillE d03226r64 r64sA  
Maxim d03226r41a d03226r41b
Miracle Mile d03226r42  
New Phoenix d03226r16        
Northern Belle d03226r52a d03226r52b
Palms d03226r22 r22sA/2002 d03226r22b
Paris d03226r03 d03226r03b
Ramada Express d03226r02        
River Downs d03226r49
River Palms d03226r34a d03226r34b
Showboat d03226r09        
Silverton d03226r01        
The Last Frontier d03226r15        
The Plazzo d03226r59 r59sA
The Pleasure Pit d03226r06        
Vanshaw d03226r83        

Standard decks of a brand

selfpromotion deck d03226r51 d03226r51b d03226r44

1. WWPCM03226/01:  "New York New York Hotel&Casino"

spade heart diamond club
ace ace ace
king king king king
queen queen queen queen
jack jack jack jack
10 9 8 7

2. WWPCM03226/02:  "Niagara Casino"

spade heart diamond club
ace ace ace
king king king king
queen queen queen queen
jack jack jack jack
10 9 8 7

3. WWPCM03226/03:  "The Wild-Wild West Casino" (standard box)

spade heart diamond club