"Pasatiempos Gallo" (Mexico)
another name: "Clemente Jacques Y Cia, S.A"
standard joker

d03913j01 d03913j02 d03913j03b d03913j03f    
d03913j03e d03913j03 d03913j03d d03913j03c    
d03913j04 d03913j05 d03913j06 d03913j07 d03913j08  
box of 1950 box for the American Market box box for Canasta and
set of sA: ace1 ace2 ace2b ace3 ace4 ace5 ace6

1. WWPCM03913/01: edition c.1980, dimension 57x90 mm

spade heart diamond club
ace ace ace ace
king king king king
queen queen queen queen
jack jack jack jack
10 2 3 7

WWPCM03913/01: jumbo edition, 52+4J, dimension 63x88 mm, r002; example: sK

d03913j09 d03913j09b d03913sA7

2. WWPCM03913/02:

spade heart diamond club