decks for the SilkAir

1989-2021, Singapore
now part of Singapore Airlines

1. WWPCM23312/01: printed in Wuyi, ZheJiang (China), 52+4J, c.2015

2xd04173j18a 2xd04173j18b d04173r158
spade heart diamond club
king king king king
queen queen queen queen
jack jack jack jack

2. WWPCM23312/02: by "Yong Guan Heng &Co." (Penang)

d04557r04 d23312r03

3. WWPCM23312/03: by Taiwan

d23312r01 d04173r143

4. WWPCM23312/04: unknown backs

d23312r04 d23312r05 d23312r06 d23312r07