"Expert Playing Card Company" (USA)
decks with standard USPCC courts (52+2J)

dimension 63x88 mm
1. WWPCM17266/01: deck "Shin Lim", 2016, , colours as sK

d17266j01 d17266sA d17266r01/box box

2. WWPCM17266/02: deck "Jetsetter", 2016, colours as sQ

d17266j02 d17266sA2 d17266r02 box

3. WWPCM17266/03: deck "Whispering Imps", 2015, variant of courts deck 1b: sJ

d17266j03 d17266a01 d17266sA3 box1 box1
d17266r03a box2 box2 d17266r03b box3 box3

4. WWPCM17266/04: deck "Glassbacks", 2015

d17266j04 d17266sA4 d17266r04 box box

5. WWPCM17266/05: deck "Vitreous", 2016

d17266j05 d17266sA5 d17266r05 box1 box1 box2/private box2