by different unknown printers
decks "Singapore Airlines"
1. WWPCM11639/01:

d11639j01 d11639r01 d11639r02 d03133r46
probably so: d03133r20 d03133r45 d03133r49 d03133r48 d03133r43
d03133r27 d03133r27b    

2. WWPCM11639/02:

d11639j02 sA d11639r03 d11639r07
d11639j02b d11639r04 d11639r05 d11639r08

3. WWPCM11639/03: for www.tradewindstours.com

d11639j03 d11639r06 r06box logo

4. Hong Kong ?

d04047j19b d04047j19 sA d04047r019 d04047r034

5. Hong Kong

d03854j01a d03854j01c d03854j01b d03854sA    
d03854r01 d03854r02 d03854r03 d03854r03b d03133r34 d03133r26

6. Hong Kong

d05691j01 d05691r03

7. Hong Kong

for "Singapore Airlines" d03133j03 d03133r08 d03133r09 r09sA
d03133sA2 d03133r03 d03133r11 d03133r04 d03133r35
d03133r05 d03133r10 d03133r25 d03133r13
d03133r30 d03133r31 d03133r12 d03133r38
d03133r17 d03133r22 d03133r23 d03133r15
d03133r14 d03133r18 d03133r29 d03133r28 d03133r32 d03133r33
d03133r21 d03133r24 d03133r16 d03133r19 d03133r50  

I didn'tsee all jokers and some backs may be with other jokers:
r24, r16, r19 - similar to 3.

and I don't remember why there are SA-backs in WWPCM04279, may be it's an error