"Moharrem Press" (Egypt)
Standard english pattern, (52+2J), since 1938
the original edition was designed by Walter Scharff at Strallsund (Germany),
he took the patterns with him to Egypt on the basis of a friendly agreement.
dimension 63x88 mm

d11177j01 d11177j02 d11177r01 wrapper wrapper  
d11177j03 d11177j04 d11177r02 d11177r05 d11177r09a d11177r09b
d11177r07 d11177r11        
d11177j05 d11177j09 No.888
edition for India, 1966
d11177r03 r03box r03box
d11177r08a d11177r08b d04272r008a d04272r008b d11177r10  
narrow editions d11177j06 d11177j07 d11177r04    
  d11177j08 d11177r06      
spade heart diamond club
ace ace ace ace
king king king king
queen queen queen queen
jack jack jack jack
8 9 2 10