publisher "
"Bicycle Ghost", since 2008
dimension 63x88 mm
1. WWPCM10524/01:
deck "Chost"

d10442j01 d10442j03 d10442sA1 d10442r01/box box1
spade heart diamond club
ace ace king queen
6 4 9

2. WWPCM10524/02: deck "Chost GAFF"

d10442sA2 box2

magic deck with special cards 01; 02; 03 (may be more) and 4 additional kings:

spade heart diamond club
king king king king

3. WWPCM10524/03: deck "Black Chost"

d10442j02 d10442sA3 d10442r02/box box3
spade heart diamond club
ace ace
jack jack queen king
5 9 6 5

4. WWPCM10524/04: deck "Chost White Legasy", 2017

d10442sA4 box4 box4