"Speelkaarten Fabriek Nederland"
"Export" (32; 33, 52+1J), c.1912-1935
Also published as "Nederlandsche Exportkaart", "Wereld", "Wereldkaart" and "Archipel".
deck was published with international aces and Dutch-Indian aces (since 1913, designed by Kleijn).
Both were first printed in b/w, later coloured versions were made.
The decks were sold in a wrapper.
For export to the former Dutch-Indies the deck was delivered in a carton box under the name "Archipel".
dimension 59x93 & 61x93.5 mm; Braun 654

d09615r01 d09615r01b      
"Archipel 144"
(Aces 2)
d09615j01 d09615r02 d09615a01 d09615box
spade heart diamond club
ace1 ace1 ace1 ace1
ace2 ace2 ace2//ace2b ace2
king king//king//king king king
queen queen//queen queen queen
jack jack jack jack
10 8