"American PCC" (USA)
advertising decks with standart courts type WWPCM00798

1903-1906 "The only way"

1. WWPCM08525/01: deck "The Foster", 1900s
"Foster Engineering Co." (Newark, New Jersey), Lit.: Hochman AB8

d08525j01 d08525sA d08525r01 box box

2. WWPCM08525/02: deck "A.Baker&Co.", c.1900
Lit.: Hochman L72

d08525j02 sA d08525r16 d08525r02 box d08525r20
edition c.1910 d08525sA17 d08525r21  
edition 1923
d08525sA16 d08525r18 r18box

3. WWPCM08525/03: deck "Bailey, Banks&Biddle", c.1910
Lit.: Hochman L75

d08525j03 d08525sA3 d08525r03 box

4. WWPCM08525/04: deck "Frederick Bold", c.1895
for this magic supply house in St.Louis; Lit.: Hochman L79

d08525j04 d08525sA4 d08525r15

5. WWPCM08525/05: deck "The Great Rock Island Route", 1895
Lit.: Hochman AB7; r05leaflet

d08525j05 d08525sA5 d08525r05a d08525r05b d08525r05d d08525r19
r05box r05box the same? d12012r07

6. WWPCM08525/06: deck "Old Stuff Tobacco"

d08525j06 sA d08525r06

7. WWPCM08525/07: deck "Votes for women", 1910
Lit.: Hochman P15a

d08525j07 d08525sA7b d08525sA7 d08525r07b d08525r07

8. WWPCM08525/08: deck "Union-made Cigars", 1915

d08525j08 sA d08525r08 box1
d08525j08b d08525sA8 this variants printed by "Standard PCC" back/box2 d08525r08b d08525r08c
by "USPCC" ? d08525sA15 d08525r17 d08525j14 d08525r22

9. WWPCM08525/09: deck "Ixion" Slip"

d08525sA9 r09extra d08525r09 d08525r09b
box1 box2 box3

10. WWPCM08525/10: deck for magazine "Woman's World" (1884-1940)

d08525sA10 d08525r10b d08525r10

11. WWPCM08525/11: deck "Rock Island - Frisco Lines"

d08525sA11 d08525r11a box1 d08525r11b box2

12. WWPCM08525/12: deck "Garland Stoves and Ranges", 1904

d08525j12 d08525sA12 d08525r12

13. WWPCM08525/13: deck "Kahn Tailoring", c.1910

d08525j13 d08525sA13 d08525r13
edition ?

standard USPCC courts

d08525sA14 d08525r14