"Arti Grafiche Panetto e Petrelli"  (Spoleto, Italy)   
publisher "Comitato Civico" (Civic Committee)
deck "Carte Anticomuniste"(Anticommunist Cards), 1951
artist Benito Jacovitti


Full deck (40 cards),  dimension 71x114 mm.

spade heart diamond club
king king king king
cavalier cavalier cavalier cavalier
jack jack jack jack
7 7 7 7
6 6 6 6
5 5 5 5
4 4 4 4
3 3 3 3
2 2 2 2
1 1 1 1

images and information supplied by  Domenico Starna (Roma):
  This deck is propaganda anticommunist. Also there are written many invitations to go voting: Vota (Vote); io voto (I vote), tu voti (you vote), etc.
  The Communist Party of Italy was created in 1921 to make the revolution as in Soviet Union at 1917. It had three defeats.
First defeat: in 1922 the Fascist Party established a dictatorship until 1943; italian parliamentary system was proportional and weak with many quarrelsome parties. Second defeat: in 1945, after the Conference of Yalta with Roosvelt (USA) and Stalin (Soviet Union), there were 2 spheres of influence. Italy was in the sphere of the USA.
Third defeat: In the free elections of 1948 De Gasperi, leader of the Democrazia Cristiana, the former Popular Party with others, won against Togliatti, leader of the Communist Party allied with others.
Finally the communist military dictatorship in Europe was put to an end in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin wall, without the intervention of the army. The Soviet Union dissolved in 1991.
  In Ace of Spades there is Stalin with big moustache, in 2 Spades a communist mayor.
In 3, J and C Cups there is the communist newspaper L'Unita.
The K Cups is a communist who writes lies.
In Ace of Coins, Stalin gives a rouble to Togliatti. Soviet Union financed the Partito Comunista Italiano, who changed its name after 1991, but in 2006 there are still two little Communist Parties.
In 2 and 4 Coins there are a communist and a capitalist.
In Ace Batons a communist has a peace flag and a baton, in 2 Batons he escapes from american police.
  The artist Benito Jacovitti (1923 - 1997) was an ironic author of cartoon and comic strips. He was a liberal, an extremist of center, an anarchic, a clown. He was considered a conservative but he pulls all's leg. 
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