"Dal Negro"  (Italy)   
deck No.88  "Tarocco Bolognese" (62+2J+ec)
No.40004 - 78 cards, since 1998

d04910j01 d04910j02a d04910j02b
d04910a01 d04910r01 box

Full deck, dimension 51x103 mm.

spade heart diamond club
king king king king
queen queen queen queen
cavalier cavalier cavalier cavalier
jack jack jack jack
10 10 10 10
9 9 9 9
8 8 8 8
7 7 7 7
6 6 6 6
1 1 1 1

Trionfi (Triumphs, Trumps, Atouts) 

1 2a 2b 2c 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Leaflet (in italian) with some rules, pages:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

information (and gift) of  Domenico Starna (Roma):
The deck Tarocco or Tarocchino (pronounced tarockino) Bolognese also called Carte Lunghe (Long Cards) is used in Bologna and in its province. In this case the diminuitive Tarocchino means: there are not 78 cards but only 62. There are not the 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the four suits. So in the game the picture court cards are more vulnerable.
The Triumphs (Trionfi) have a different order than other tarots decks. Three cardinal virtues, Temperantia Justitia and Fortitudo, are put together (7, 8, 9). Seven Triumphs have the same numbers of the Piemontese and Marseille Tarot: (0) Fool, (1) Magician, 8 Justice, 10 (X) Wheel of Fortune, 12 Traitor (Hanged), 13 Death, (20) Angel. In the year 1725 the factories of cards in Bologna changed four low Triumphs, Popess Empress Emperor and Pope called also the Popes, in four Moors because the producers did not want to dispute with the Cardinal, representative of the Papal States, and his ordinance. The Moors have the same rank in the game, the last Moor played in the trick is the starkest Moro; the images of two Moors are identical (See 2b). In italian they say Il Moro, plural I (pronounced ee) Mori, or female La Mora, Le More, in dialect Al Mor, or Al Muratt this means little Moor, plural I Murett. In the Triumph Star there are also The Three Kings; in the Moon two astronomers; in the Sun the mythologic Parca who prepared, spun, the thread of life. In the Triumph World there is the mythologic Mercury, winged messanger of Jupiter and protector of the merchants.
Only the four most important Triumphs with much value, Angel World Magician Fool, are called Tarocchi (prounonced Tarocki), Tarots, in singular Tarocco, in dialect Taruk, singular Tarock.
The 22 Triumphs are also called the 21 Numbers and the Fool. But only the Triumphs from 5 to 16 have the numbers written and these cards are called with their numbers and not with the names of their images.
The four Triumphs starker in the rank, Angel, World, Red Sun and Red Moon (le Rosse, the Reds) are called the Triumphs of the Grande (Big), important for addional points in the game for the Sequence of the Grande.
The Fool and Magician are called the Counters, Contatori, because they count very much, they are used as Jolly in the Sequences for additional points. In the game it is very important to capture the Magician.
All the cards are symmetric, above and below, except the Fortune, or Wheel of the Fortune. In this card over the Wheel there is the Queen, on the right the King descends, on the left the young man rises. Batons are straight, the lateral Swords in low cards are curved.
In the box there are 3 additional extracards, not used for the game, 2 Jolly and 1 other, and a leaflet with rules.
See the deck Gioseppe (or Giuseppe) Maria Mitelli Tarot, made in Bologna before the year 1725, WWPCM01865 with the 4 Popes (Emperor, Empress, Pope seated, Pope). The game was played from XV Century.
Triumphs (Trionfi) with the corrispondence to the Piemontese (WWPCM02970) and Marseille Tarot:

italian dialect Piemontese
0 Il Matto (or Il Folle)  Al Matt The Fool 0
1 Il Begato (or Il Bagatto) Al Begkett The Magician 1
2a Il Moro (with cap)  Al Muratt The Moor
2b Il Moro Al Muratt The Moor
2b Il Moro Al Muratt The Moor
2c Il Moro   (with 3 lances)   Al Muratt The Moor
5 L'Amore L'Amour  The Love 6
6 Il Carro Al Car The Chariot 7
7 La Virtu (La Temperanza) La Virto The Virtue (The Temperance)  14
8 La Giustizia La Giustezzia The Justice  8
9 La Forza La Forza The Force 11
10 La Fortuna La Furtouna The Fortune 10
11 L'Eremita (Il Tempo, Il Vecchio)  L'Eremeta The Hermit (The Time, The Old Man)  9
12 Il Traditore  Al Traditour The Traitor  12
13 La Morte La Mort The Death  13
14 Il Diavolo  Al Dievel  The Devil  15
15 La Torre (La Saetta)  La Torr  The Tower (The Lightning)  16
16 La Stella La Strela  The Star  17
17 La Luna La Louna The Moon  18
18 Il Sole Al Soul  The Sun   19
19 Il Mondo Al Mond The World  21
20 L'Angelo L'Anzel The Angel  20