"Walter Scharff" (Germany)
english pattern (courts as "DeLaRue"), 1930s
dimension 64x88 mm

d04841j02 sA1 d04841r05 box1
spade heart diamond club
ace ace
queen queen
jack jack

2. WWPCM04841/02: edition by "Amirayan&Co." (Egypt)
mistery: Ace as printed by "ASS" (Germany), joker&courts as "Walter Scharff" (Germany)
So my desigion: it's the brand to test the foundation of
"Moharrem Press" by Walter Scharff before emigration to Egypt

d04841j01 d04841j01c d04841j01b sA2 d04841a01
deck "Pharaonic", 1935 d04841r01 d04841r02 box2 box3 box4
standard editions d04841r09 d04841r10      
advertising editions d04841r03 d04841r04 d04841r06 d04841r07 d04841r08
  d04841r11 d04841r12      
spade heart diamond club
king king
queen queen