deck "Trophy", since 1895

d04548j01 d04548r01 d04548r01c d04548r01b  
d04548j02 d04548r03b d04548r03 r03box r03box
d04548j06 d04548r04      

1. WWPCM04548/01: deck "Trophy Whist No.39", 1895
this deck used in "National Method Duplicate Whist" so
Lit.: Hochman US19

box d04548r05
spade heart heart2 diamond club
ace ace ace ace
king king king king king
queen queen queen queen queen
jack jack jack jack jack
10 9 8 7

2. WWPCM04548/02: deck "Trophy Whist No.39", 1896-1904
Lit.: Hochman US19a

box1 box2 d04548r02    
edition 1899 d04548r04 r04joker box3 box3
  d04548r04c d04548r02b r04joker2 box4
spade heart diamond club
king king king
queen queen queen queen
jack jack
set of aces: ace1 ace2 ace3 ace4 ace5

3. WWPCM04548/03: deck "Trophy Bridge No.39", since 1905
courts are the same as /02; Lit.: Hochman US19b

d04548j05 d04548sA d04548r04