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1960s "Esso" by "Catel and Farcy" (France)

1. WWPCM04381/01: by "Carta Mundi" (Belgium) 
standard french pattern

d04381j01 d04381j02 with standard CM joker d04381r008
d04381r001 d04381r001b d04381r001c sA hA box

2. WWPCM04381/02: unknown editions

d04381j03/1950s d04381r003a d04381r003b  
d04381j08 d04381r004 d04381r004b d04381r006
for Italy d04381j05 d04381j06 d04381j07 d04381r007

3. WWPCM04381/03: by "Difusora S.A." (Argentina)
standard courts of "Grafica S.A." 

d04381j04 r005sA r005dA d04381r005a d04381r005b