"Heinrich Scwarz Co."(Nuremberg, Germany)
english pattern & standard jokers since 1978
dimension 57x89 mm

d02652j01 d02652j03 d02652j04 d02652j02 d02652a01
d02652j06 d02652j05 d02652j08b d02652j07b
d02652j08 d02652j07
d02652j12 d02652j11 d02652j13
deck "Rabobank" d02652r05 d02652j09 d02652j10 d02652r05b
deck "Dansk Metal" d02652j15 d02652r23
d02652r01 d02652r02 d02652r03 d02652r04 d02652r06 d02652r09
d02652r07 d02652r11 d02652r15 d02652r08 d02652r08b d02652r17
d02652r18 d02652r19 d02652r20 d02652r21 d02652r22 d02652r24
spade heart diamond club
ace ace ace ace
king king king king
queen queen queen queen
jack jack jack jack
10 9 8 7

2. WWPCM02652/02: edition by "Nuernberger Spielkarten Fabrik", since 1989
used Hong Kong joker, I saw only b/w picture and color may be other

d04167j03 d02652sA2 d02652s7
d02652r05 r05sA d02652r10

3. WWPCM02652/03: variant of "Carta Mundi" (Belgium) dutch pattern
printed for Holland, 2000s (may be not "CM")

d02652j06 d02652j05
d02652r12 d02652r13 d02652r16
d02652r14 r14sA r14hA r14dA r14cA
spade heart diamond club
ace ace ace ace
king king
queen queen
jack jack