d02481r001: Advertising Aces

for Rockford Dairies Inc. r439sA d02489r439
for the Beverly Theatre r438sA d02489r438
for Roundy's Coffee;
special aces
sA d02489r420
for Roundy's Coffee;
special aces
sA d02489r417
for I.W.Miller and Son;
special aces
sA d02489r002
for Natioanal Press Club;
special ace
sA d02489r003
deck "Dionne Quintuplets", 1936 cA sA d02489r024b d02489r024 extra-card
deck "Alberly Coffee",
d02489r041 sA hA dA cA
for Kelly-Springfield Tires H.O. Stenzel Co. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was operating prior 1945; (Remembrance PC)
special aces
(hA, dA, cA)
sA d02489r001 box