decks for 
"Japan Airlines" (JAL)
since 1951, Tokio


usually printed by "Nintendo" (Japan)
1. WWPCM03530/01: patience edition
(as WWPCM04014, but 2 indices), dimension 50x79 mm.

d03530j01 d03530j02 d03530sA
d03530r01 d03530r01b box1 d03530r02 d03530r02b box2 box2
d03530j03 d03530r03 d03530r04

2. WWPCM03530/02:

d03530j04 d03530j05 r06sA d03530r06 r06box

3. WWPCM03530/03: unknown backs

r05extra d03530r05a d03530r05b d04771r020 d03530r09 d03530r09b
d05842r03 d03530r10        

4. WWPCM03530/04: editions with standard jokers, dimension 57x88 mm & 44x64 mm

d04014j28 d04014r025j sA d04014r025
d04014j35 sA r030extra d04014r030b d04014r030 r030box
r030extra2 r030box2 d04014r054 d04014r054b    
d04014j53 d04014r049  

5. WWPCM03530/05: by "Kuo-Kao" (Taiwan), dimension 48x77 mm

d03530j06 d03530j07 d03530j08 d03530r03

6. WWPCM03530/06: by "Shanghai Yuchen Playing Cards Industry Co., Ltd." (China)

d03530j09 d03530r03

7. WWPCM03530/07:

d03530j10 d03530r07

8. WWPCM03530/08: by ZheJiang  (China)

jokers the same, but narrow;
dimension 48x77 mm
d06571j04a d06571j04b sA d06571r08

9. WWPCM03530/09:

d03530j11 d03530j12 d03530r08

10. WWPCM03530/10: by "Angel Playing Cards Co., Ltd" (Japan)

d02580j03 d02580r07