"Carta Mundi" (Belgium)
deck for magazine "P"
The courts are normal (French Colours, Belgian bield, dimension 56x87 mm.),
but ALL the backs are slightle different , showing a girls who's undressing her.
There are two decks:
1. WWPCM03281/01:

d03281j01 d03281j02 d03281j03 d03281j04
d03281r01 d03281r01b d03281r01c d03281r01d

2. WWPCM03281/02:

d03281j05 d03281j06 d03281j07 d03281j08
box2 d03281r02a d03281r02b d03281r02d
d03281r02c d03281r02j d03281r02k d03281r02l d03281r02m
d03281r02e d03281r02f d03281r02g d03281r02h d03281r02i