decks "United States Lines" (USA)

1. WWPCM03106/01:  editions by "USPCC"


wide edition, ?

d03106sA2 d03106r02b d03106r02 d03106r04
  d03106sA4 d03106r02c box3  

edition 1948

d03106j01 d03106sA d03106a01 d03106r01a d03106r01b box

edition 1948

d03106j02 d03106sA3 d03106a01 d03106r07a d03106r07b box2

2. WWPCM03106/02: unknown editions

d03106r05 d03106r06 d03106r09 d03106r13a d03106r13b d03106r11

3. editions by "Arrco Playing Card Co."

d03153j02 d03153r060 r060box d03153r061 r061box
d04263j04 d04263r012sA box
d04263r012a d04263r012b d04263r058 d04263r058b

4. edition by "A.Dougherty"
1920 (sA: A3904); reprinted in 1947 (sA: J3904) and 1950  (sA: M3901)

r07joker d01494j09 d01494sA11 box1 box2
d01494r07b d01494r07 d01494r26a d01494r26b
d03106r12sA d03106r12a d03106r12b standard courts:

5. Belgium edition (may be by"Carta Mundi")

by "Brepols" d03343j08 d03343r015 d03343r015b
by "Mesmaekers" d02283j03 d02283r032