"Dal Negro" (Italia) 
deck No.42403 "I Tarocchini", 1998
reprint of 1665 made for Bentivoglio (see arms of family at hA)
artist Gioseppe Maria Mitelli (1634-1718, Bologna, Italy) - see portrait at dA
Each of the six tables with the copperplate engraving of the 62 cards by Mitelli have the same tittle: 
GIOCO DI CARTE DI TAROCCHINI  (Card game of Tarocchini)

d01865j01 box back: white;
first edition in sheet was uncoloured,
this edition is hand-coloured

Full deck (62 cards), dimension 72x141 mm.

spade heart diamond club
king king king king
queen queen queen queen
cavalier cavalier cavalier cavalier
jack jack jack jack
10 10 10 10
9 9 9 9
8 8 8 8
7 7 7 7
6 6 6 6
1 1 1 1

Trionfi (Triumphs, Trumps, Atouts) 

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

The Triumphs are unmarked and some of them are original:

No. Mitelli name standard name modern Bologna name
1 Juggler The Magician Begattino
2 The Emperor The High Priestess Imperatore
3 The Empress The Empress Imperatrice
4 Sitting Pope The Emperor Papa in trono
5 Standing Pope The Pope Papa
6 The Love, Cupid The Lover Amore
7 The Chariot, Venus The Chariot Carro
8 Temperance Justice Temperanza
9 Justice The Hermit Giustizia (Justice)
10 Force The Wheel of Fortune Forza
11 The Wheel of Fortune Force Roda (The Wheel)
12 Old man The Hanged Man Vecchio (Old man)
13 Traitor Death Traditore (Traitor)
14 Death Temperance Morte (Death)
15 The Devil the same Diavolo
16 Lightning The Tower Saetta (Lightning)
17 The Star the same Stella (The Star)
18 The Moon, Diana the same Luna
19 The Sun, Apollo the same Sole
20 The World, Atlas Judgement Mondo (The World)
21 Angel, Judgement The World Angelo

See the modern Tarocco Bolognese WWPCM04910 and the changement of the four 
Triumphs 2, 3, 4, 5, called the Popes, in the four Moors in the year 1725

gift (and information) of  Domenico Starna (Roma)

Information from http://trionfi.com:
Mitelli is a well known Italian artist, he has realised various other topics, some of them very similar to his Tarot cards, some related to the dice game.
41 figures, "Professions", very similar to the Mitelli Tarocchi
l'arti per via d'Ani.bal' Ca.raci
26 figures, "Professions", similar to the Mitelli Tarocchi
Le uentiquattr'hore/ dell'humana felicita/ Bologna, 1675
ca. 50 figures, "Proverbs", most of them similar to the Mitelli Tarocchi
Prouerbj/ figurati/ Bologna, 1678
Includes games with dices Stampe sciolte
L'onorata vita del poltrone Bologna 1653
Allegorie della gioventu e della vecchiaia