WWPCM01521 Backs printed in 1900s

c.1900 d01521r030 d01521r126  
"Heraldic Arms of England",
about 1900
d01521r010 Garter legend 'Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense'
around and 'Dieu et Mon Droit' beneath.
  d01521r356a d01521r356b d01521r357a d01521r357b  
deck "Coronation",
d01521r083 box1 d01521r084 box2 to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VII of Great Britain
1902 d01521r059 d01521r388a d01521r388b
about 1905,
sold by W.H. Smith&Son
d01521r013 d01521r013b box
1905 d01521r054 d01521r054b
1906 d01521r267 r267extra
1900s d01521r020a d01521r020b r20box d01521r044 box
1900s d01521r039 d01521r149 d01521r149box d01521r151 d01521r151box
1900s d01521r329 329box d01521r333a d01521r333b d01521r334
c.1910 d01521r164 d01521r164b d01521r164c d01521r164d d01521r338
c.1910 d01521r332a d01521r332b d01521r143 r143box