"Dondorf" (Germany)
deck "Luxusspiel No.80" ("Adolph Wulff"), 1920-1933
in order of Adolph Wulff (Kopenhagen)

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Full deck (40 cards, 52+1J), dimension 60x92 mm, chromolithography

spade heart diamond club
ace ace ace ace
king king king king
queen queen queen queen
jack jack jack jack
7 2 6 3

“Adolp Wulff, Kjobenhavn” on all Portrait cards, with it the signature of A.Wulff on the Jack of clubs.
The name “Eneret” means that Adolph Wulff has the Exlusive rights for this Portrait.

Lit: Braun BD 1920/2 Braun ( No.221) Dondorf (p. 188/89), Jensen ( Nr.6.6).
2. WWPCM01438/02: full reprint by "Orija" (Lithuania), 2006
deck No.77, 24+2J+1ec, dimension 60x88 mm

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