deck "La France", since c.1925
for "The Fair", a Chicago store

d01042j01 d01042sA d01042a01
M6907     M6931/1930    
d01042r01b d01042r01 r01box d01042r02 d01042r02b  
d01042r03 d01042r03b d01042r03c d01042r03d d01042r03e  
d01042j02 d01042r04 d01042r04b d01042r12
d01042j03 d01042r05 r15sA/1930 d01042r15b d01042r15 r15box
d01042j05 d01042r10
d01042j06 d01042r18
d01042j04 d01042r07 r07sA/1928      
d01042r06 d01042r17 d01042r16 d01042r16b d01042r20  
d01042r09 d01042r11 d01042r13 d01042r14 d01042r19  
deck "Marquise"
(may be it was an error at Ebay about
La France)
d01042r08 r08box
edition 1932:
I don't know is it the second joker or printed without j01/2
R1869 R1870        
d04187r105 d04187r241a d04187r241b

Lit.: Hochman MSN79