"Bergen op Zoom" (Holland)
Deck "Speulkaarte", since 1998

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Full deck, dimension 56x87 mm.

spade heart diamond club
ace ace ace ace
king king
queen queen
jack jack
11 11 11 11
10 9 8 7

Images&information supplied by Sjef Ligtenberg:
This is an other deck from the carnaval in Bergen op Zoom.

It's not for sale. When you are in town at carnival time and when you are lucky, than maybe you can met a group of people, dressed up, who give you a deck for nothing. When you asked if you can buy them, then is the answer: "no!"
It's a limited deck, made by one or two members of the group as a sort of hobby.
(they are printers in a printing office and have permission from the boss to make this decks)

The joker called: "nar", what means something like: fool or jester.
When you compare this deck with "de Watertore", you'll find equalities by King, Jack and Queen. (P = Prins, Jack = Boer (farmer) and Queen = the policeman (Steketee is his name).
The King or Prins is the same as on the Noord Brabant deck!
One extra card shows the group of people, dressed up like it's normal in Bergen op Zoom during carnival. Curtains is a must.

The second extra card shows the rules of the game: "Azakke", that's slang for "foul playing".
1 You must play with a lot of people
  2 You become one card
  3 Observe your card well
  4 Don't look at other players hand
  5 Put your money on the table
  6 Turn your card
  7 The highest card thinks that he won
  8 First take your money back!
  9 Go quarreling about who has the highest card
10 After some discussion: the foul player wins
11 The game is over when you don't like it enymore!

The aces shows spots from Bergen op Zoom and surrounding.
Only, they call every pool of water a "harbor".
The 11 is a card with the number of fools.
11 of Hearts shows the church tower dressed up during carnival.
11 of diamonds shows the town hall and a crab (crab is the nickname for inhabitants)
11 of clubs shows the founder of the society (with a piece of curtain of course)
11 of spades shows "de Gevangenpoort" the former gate to town in the middelages. Below town arms.
The back shows the flag of the society, named: Peekunieja" (Pecunia what a latin word is for money)