"Carta Mundi" (Belgium)
deck "Sobranie", 1982

d00481j01 d00481j02&3 d00481r01 d00481r01b

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spade heart diamond club
ace ace ace ace
king king king king
queen queen queen
jack jack
5 10 9 9
4 6 8 7
3 7
2 3

there is booklet: "The Art of Erte" (163 pages)

P.J.Madsen about this deck:
"In 1982, Sobranie of London, the sponsors of the Sobranie Bridge Challenge, set out to produce a unique set of playing cards that would reflect the elegant, sophisticated image of their cigarettes.
One living artist perfectly personified that image both in himself and in his work. -
An artist whose life has been touched by the glitter of pre-revolutionary Russia; fashionable Paris in the 1920's; and the glamour of Hollywood.
A man with boundless creative talent combined with the skill of a great craftsman.
Erté agreed to the adaptation of a series of intricate designs for the numerals 1 to 10 that he had produced many years earlier and Sobranie commissioned him to produce the three Court cards and Joker to complete the pack.
At the age of 90, Erté was working as superbly as at any time in his life and the four new paintings blended immaculately with the existing numerals.
But the collaboration between Erté and Sobranie has gone beyond a unique pack of cards. The decks of cards, the specially written book and the highly lacquered box, reminiscent of an age of quality, grace and charm, combine to celebrate the "Art of Erte", which Sobranie of London have been privileged to produce."