printed in China  for Russia
reprint of russian deck "Atlas"
Full deck (52+2J; 36 cards), dimension 56x86 mm.

spade heart diamond club
ace ace ace ace
king king king king
queen queen queen queen
jack jack jack jack
10 9 8 7

1. WWPCM00149/01: by "WSD"

d00149j01 d00149j02 extra-card of russian deck used as second joker box box d00149r01
deck have different marks of boxes
WSD-mark SPB-mark

WWPCM00149/01B: variant of deck since 2001

d00149j05 box No.9810 box

new cards:

spade heart diamond club
ace ace

WWPCM00149/01C: 36 cards

box No.9811

2. WWPCM00149/02: by "AAA"

No. 9926 d00149j03 d00149j04 box box d00149r02
No. 9925

36 cards

box box d00149r03    
No. 2037

36 cards

box d00149r04      
No. 2039

36 cards

box d00149r04      

3. WWPCM00149/03: by unknown printers, 36 cards

box1(+hK) box2 box2  
No. 9811 box d00149r04b new aces:
sA; dA

4. WWPCM00149/04:  by unknown printer

d00149j06 d00149r05