wwpcm:  decks for the Sealink
London, UK
1970-1984 (owner British Rail)
sold to Sea Containers and rename to
Sealink British Ferries
in 1991 sold to Stena Line and in 1996 name disappeared

1. by "Grimaud" (France)

d01224r11 d01224r11b d04756r149 d04756r149b

2. by "Catel and Farcy" (France)

d04429r013a d04429r013b

3. by "Carta Mundi" (Belgium)

d04821r1008 d04821r1008b d04821r1340 420 421 d04821r1467

4. by "Berliner Spielkarten Fabrik" (Germany)

d04420r062 d04420r039

5. by "John Waddington Ltd." (UK)

d04326r031 d04326r372 d04326r164

6. by unknown

416a 416b 417 418 419 425
422 423 424 510a 510b