wwpcm:  decks for the  Ellerman Shipping Lines
1892-2004, Liverpool, UK


1. by "DeLaRue" (UK)

in 1940s (?) used with this joker: d03944j01 box   DeLaRue
d04505r058 d04505r059 d04505r060 d04505r061 d04505r203
d04505r068 d04505r069 d04505r070 d04505r063  
d04505r064 r064sA d04505r065 d04505r062 r065sA

2. by "Goodall" (UK)

City Line
r024: c.1900
d01521r024   d01521r308 the same narrow by Waddington
by DeLaRue with Goodall aces:
d01521r102 d01521r103    

3. by unknown

051a 051b 052 053