wwpcm:  decks for the Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB)
since 1895,  Antwerpen, Belgium
in 1896-1930 - Compagnie Belge Maritime du Congo (CMBC)

in 1930 CBMC acquired Lloyd Royal Belge and change name to CMB

1. by "Antoine van Genechten S.A." (Belgium)

d04178r057a d04178r057b

2. by "Ets. Mesmaekers Freres S.A." (Belgium)

d02283r031 d02283r03b1

3. by "Grimaud" (France)

d16792j01a d16792j01b d16792r01 d16792r01b

4. by unknown

380a 380b 381   383 386
382a 382b 384a 384b 385a 385b