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I search for my friend any 2-headed faces (non-standard, non-photo, non-cartoons).
If You have such decks You can swap them with me for any items from my Free Shop
Thank You in advance!
31.12.2008: Sweden d09407, Croatia d09408, Austria d09409
                     Happy New Year!!!
30.12.2008: Italy d01350, China d04067, d08208
29.12.2008: update d01194, d01557, d01717, d01843, d02954, d03154,
                                 d04014, d04019, d04183, d04184, d04187, d04263,
                                 d04271, d04423, d04871, d05428, d05862, d05923,
                                 d06446, d06447, d06544, d06546, d06675, d06713,
                                 d06876, d07235, d08849, d09132, d09209, d09295
28.12.2008: Germany d09404, d09405, d09406
27.12.2008: USA d09401, France d09402, Austria d09403
26.12.2008: Germany d00705, d01811 Holland d01568
25.12.2008: Austria d00754, d05418, Czechia d02084
                     Merry Christmas!
24.12.2008: update d00018, d00134, d00376, d00804, d00978, d01994,
                                 d02954, d02984, d03153, d03168, d03388, d03410,
                                 d03567, d03776, d03926, d03990, d04191, d04234,
                                 d04669, d04686, d06987, d07093, d07648, d07789,
                                 d08001, d08685, d08698, d08883, d09296, d09383
23.12.2008: jokers d09371, d09372, d09373d09374, d09375, d09376,
                                d09377, d09378, d09379, d09380, d09381, d09382,
                                d09383, d09384, d09385, d09386, d09387, d09388,
                                d09389, d09390, d09391, d09392, d09393, d09394,
                                d09395, d09396, d09397, d09398, d09399, d09400
22.12.2008: update d00058, d00681, d00805, d01028, d01257, d01659,
                                d02199, d02622, d02625, d02977, d02991, d03158,
                                d03212, d03341, d03391, d03596, d03847, d03829,
                                d05297, d05348, d05402, d05632, d05692, d05705,
                                d05794d06531, d06723, d06724, d06916, d08005
21.12.2008: Spain d09368, d09369, d09370
I finished with collection of Manuel Gamez. Thank You very much, dear Manuel!
And I wait your entries, dear friends!
20.12.2008: Spain d09365, d09366, d09367
19.12.2008: Spain d09362, d09363, d09364
18.12.2008: Spain d09359, d09360, d09361
17.12.2008: Spain d09356, d09357, d09358
16.12.2008: Spain d09353, d09354, d09355
15.12.2008: update d00792, d01618, d01701, d01769, d01780, d02291,
                                 d04109, d04231, d04367, d04712, d07079, d07091,
                                 d07235, d07253, d07278, d07288d07432, d07445,
                                 d07448, d07451, d07508, d07515, d07718, d07819,
                                 d07835, d07845, d07911, d07931, d07951, d07986
14.12.2008: Spain d09350d09351, d09352
13.12.2008: Spain d09347, d09348, d09349
12.12.2008: Spain d09344, d09345, d09346
11.12.2008: Spain d09341, d09342, d09343
.12.2008: update d02931, d03452, d04019, d04240, d04242, d04574,
                                d04619, d04716, d04766, d04959, d05079, d05155,
                                d05277, d05290, d05292, d05303, d05338, d05409,
                                d05534, d05644, d05850, d05863, d05911, d05932,
                                d06493, d06546, d06565, d06790, d06847, d06897
09.12.2008: Spain d09338, d09339, d09340
08.12.2008: Spain d09335, d09336d09337
07.12.2008: Spain d02992, d05676, d05727
06.12.2008: Spain d08572, d08574, Chile d06794
.12.2008: update d00006, d00835, d01210, d01242, d01522, d01540,
                                d01674, d01836, d02223, d02538, d02773, d02864,
                                d03155, d03226, d03343, d03456, d03939, d03942,
                                d03943, d05040, d07069, d07473, d07555, d08193,
                                d08243, d08581, d08896, d09070, d09122, d09124
04.12.2008: Spain d09332, d09333, d09334
03.12.2008: Spain d09329d09330, d09331
02.12.2008: Spain d01539, d01595, d07780
01.12.2008: China d01121, Brazil d01356Turkey d07404
30.11.2008:  jokers d09299, d09300, d09301, d09302, d09303, d09304,
                                 d09305, d09306, d09307, d09308, d09309, d09310,
                                 d09311, d09312, d09313, d09314, d09315, d09316,
                                 d09317, d09318, d09319, d09320, d09321, d09322,
                                 d09323, d09324, d09325, d09326, d09327, d09328
29.11.2008:  jokers d09269, d09270, d09271, d09272, d09273, d09274,
                                 d09275, d09276, d09277, d09278, d09279, d09280,
                                 d09281, d09282, d09283, d09284, d09285, d09286,
                                 d09287, d09288, d09289, d09290, d09291, d09292,
                                 d09293, d09294, d09295, d09296, d09297, d09298
28.11.2008: update d01811, d02330, d02800, d02895, d03229, d03725,
                                d03790, d03941, d04184, d04185, d04187, d04189,
                                d04191, d04255, d04271, d04325, d04331, d04717,
                                d04766, d04821, d04960, d06096, d06134, d06282,
                                d06507, d06564, d06957, d07030, d08105, d08595
27.11.2008:  Spain d09266, d09267, d09268
26.11.2008:  Spain d09263d09264, d09265
25.11.2008:  Spain d09260, d09261, d09262
24.11.2008:  Spain d09257, d09258, d09259
23.11.2008: update d00428, d00792, d00870, d01521, d01717, d01835,
                                d01961, d02282, d02559, d03250, d03289, d03613,
                                d03770, d03772, d04530, d04565, d04777, d05089,
                                d05626, d07259, d07261, d07920, d08001, d09086,
                                d09129, d09174, d09178, d09206, d09233, d09240
22.11.2008:  Spain d05442, d05675, d05677
21.11.2008:  Spain d00629, d05438, d08668, 
20.11.2008:  Spain d03585, d04288, d04608
19.11.2008:  Spain d06315, d06546, d06792
18.11.2008:  Spain d05802, d05803, d07289
17.11.2008: update d00037, d00395, d01254, d01442, d01687, d01856,
                                 d02218, d02226, d02283, d02707, d03232, d03273,
                                 d03771, d03772, d03773, d04056, d04059, d04154,
                                 d04200, d04270, d04379, d04485, d04623, d06528,
                                 d06615, d07266, d07464, d07466, d08518, d08545
16.11.2008: jokers d09227, d09228, d09229d09230, d09231, d09232,
                               d09233, d09234, d09235, d09236d09237, d09238,
                               d09239, d09240, d09241, d09242, d09243d09244,
                               d09245, d09246, d09247, d09248, d09249, d09250
                               d09251, d09252, d09253, d09254, d09255, d09256
15.11.2008:  Spain d09224, d09225, d09226
14.11.2008:  Spain d09221, d09222, d09223
13.11.2008:  Germany d01124, d01620, USA d01123
new service: Aces
12.11.2008:  Belgium d04737, d07722, d08579
11.11.2008: jokers d09191, d09192, d09193, d09194, d09195, d09196,
                                d09197, d09198, d09199, d09200, d09201, d09202,
                                d09203, d09204, d09205, d09206, d09207, d09208,
                                d09209, d09210, d09211, d09212, d09213, d09214,
                                d09215, d09216, d09217, d09218, d09219, d09220
10.11.2008: jokers d09161, d09162, d09163, d09164, d09165, d09166,
                                d09167, d09168, d09169, d09170, d09171, d09172,
                                d09173, d09174, d09175, d09176, d09177, d09178,
                                d09179, d09180, d09181, d09182, d09183, d09184,
                                d09185, d09186, d09187, d09188, d09189, d09190
09.11.2008: update d00761, d01000, d01294, d01654, d07960, d07979,
                                d08001, d08091, d08222, d08240, d08357, d08406,
                                d08470, d08497, d08582, d08670, d08684, d08697,
                                d08716, d08802, d08864, d08866, d08880, d09097,
                                d09106, d09107, d09111, d09131, d09152, d09157
08.11.2008: update d05074, d05081, d05196, d05197, d05262, d05332,
                                d05694, d05815, d05849, d05896, d06050, d06130,
                                d06143, d06257, d06290, d06312, d06447, d06494,
                                d06503, d06506, d06713, d06824, d06853, d06929,
                                d06949, d07130, d07261, d07790, d07849, d04250
07.11.2008: update d04080, d04162, d04216, d04267, d04271, d04326,
                                d04329, d04331, d04334, d04350, d04387, d04393,
                                d04425, d04428, d04481, d04543, d04563, d04583,
                                d04593, d04618, d04619, d04620, d04686, d04717,
                                d04726, d04746, d04756, d04778, d04809, d04821
06.11.2008: update d03357, d03409, d03595, d03604, d03625, d03682,
                                d03722, d03728, d03747, d03789, d03833, d03917,
                                d03944, d03974, d04003, d04014, d04061, d04063
                                d04178, d04183, d04184, d04187, d04191, d04240,
                                d04253, d04254, d04258, d04263, d04264, d04265
05.11.2008: update d02283, d02291, d02524, d02551, d02552, d02575,
                                d02587, d02669, d02699, d02786, d02858, d02898,
                                d03133, d03152, d03154, d03164, d03183, d03226,
                                d03227, d03284, d03305, d03328, d03339, d03341,
                                d03422, d03498, d03510, d03549, d03574, d03589
04.11.2008: update d00388, d00639, d01279, d01304, d01316, d01362,
d01378, d01380, d01492, d01514, d01521, d01557,
                                d01581, d01597, d01639, d01662, d01686, d01690,
                                d01728, d01737, d01752, d01843, d01856, d01903,
                                d01697, d01698, d01915, d01926, d02025, d02085
03.11.2008: update d00007, d00058, d00067, d00145, d00221, d00436,
                                d00479, d00518, d00652, d00691, d00701, d00714,
                                d00716, d00761, d00850, d00869, d00882, d00946,
                                d00950, d00969, d01046, d01062, d01067, d01120,
                                d01171, d01209, d01210, d01220, d01268, d01277
.10.2008:      Vacation!!!
Part of my soul - my lovely cat Shurka - died :((((((((((((((((((

And I can't to do anything - only to cry.
I don't know when I'll find an energy for the Museum. Sorry!

jokers d09131, d09132, d09133, d09134, d09135, d09136
           d09137, d09138, d09139, d09140, d09141, d09142,
           d09143d09144, d09145, d09146, d09147, d09148,
           d09149, d09150d09151, d09152, d09153, d09154,
           d09155, d09156, d09157, d09158, d09159, d09160
update d03016, d03035, d03040, d03062, d03126, d03127,
            d03131, d03133, d03139, d03144, d03153, d03165,
            d03227, d03312, d03328, d03362, d03387, d03634,
            d03658, d03784, d03788, d03912, d03913, d03914,
            d03918, d03921, d03938, d03939, d03940, d03941
24.10.2008:  jokers d09101, d09102, d09103, d09104, d09105, d09106,
                                 d09107, d09108, d09109, d09110, d09111, d09112,
                                 d09113, d09114, d09115, d09116, d09117, d09118,
                                 d09119, d09120, d09121, d09122, d09123, d09124,
                                 d09125, d09126, d09127, d09128, d09129d09130
23.10.2008: update d04005, d04007, d04019, d04049, d04054, d04056,
                                d04157, d04161, d04173, d04182, d04184, d04216,
                                d04233, d04234, d04247, d04256, d04257, d04263,
                                d04422, d04541, d04579, d04594, d04596, d04634,
                                d04275, d04348, d04752, d04806, d04823, d04830
22.10.2008:  jokers d09071, d09072, d09073, d09074, d09075, d09076,
                                 d09077, d09078, d09079, d09080, d09081, d09082,
                                 d09083, d09084, d09085, d09086, d09087, d09088,
                                 d09089, d09090, d09091, d09092, d09093, d09094,
                                 d09095, d09096, d09097, d09098, d09099, d09100  
21.10.2008: update d00829, d00984, d01077, d01717, d02234, d02862,
                                d02855, d03217, d03219, d03286, d03343, d03585,
                                d05227, d05327, d05336, d05639, d06304, d07278,
                                d07316, d07357, d07363, d07399, d07402, d07626,
                                d07978, d07979, d07999, d08308, d08491, d08698
20.10.2008: Spain d03943, d04242, d05804
19.10.2008: Spain d02852, d03871, d08576
18.10.2008: Spain d09068, d09069, d09070
17.10.2008: Spain d09065, d09066, d09067
.10.2008: update d04023, d04025, d04109, d04121, d04160, d04164,
                                d04166, d04170, d04180, d04183, d04188, d04230,
                                d04232, d04237, d04241, d04271, d04328, d04334,
                                d04416, d04420, d04421, d04428, d04429, d04460,
                                d04481, d04583, d04636, d04779, d04828, d04889
15.10.2008: Spain d09062, d09063d09064
14.10.2008: Spain d09059, d09060, d09061
13.10.2008: Spain d09056, d09057, d09058
12.10.2008: Spain d09053, d09054, d09055
11.10.2008: update d01224, d02106, d02243, d02282, d02483, d02489,
                                d02571, d02576, d02580, d02588, d02645, d02652,
                                d02665, d02699, d02847, d02899, d02902, d02944,
                                d02954, d02959, d02976, d02985, d05277, d06590,
                                d06940, d08528, d08565, d08601, d08934, d08992
10.10.2008: Spain d09050d09051, d09052
09.10.2008: Spain d09047, d09048, d09049
08.10.2008: Spain d09044, d09045, d09046
07.10.2008: Spain d09041, d09042, d09043
06.10.2008: update d00054, d00190, d00718, d00744, d00758, d00931,
                                 d00994, d01202, d01300, d01521, d01727, d05034,
                                 d05181, d05260, d05598, d05775, d05855, d06257,
                                 d06298, d06405, d06559, d06571, d07093, d07256,
                                 d07407, d07413, d08001, d08355d08977, d09002
05.10.2008: Spain d09038, d09039, d09040
04.10.2008: Spain d09035, d09036d09037
03.10.2008: Spain d09032, d09033, d09034
02.10.2008: Spain d09029d09030, d09031
01.10.2008: update d04014, d04102, d04121, d04169, d04184, d04187,
                                d04240, d04247, d04253, d04255, d04259, d04261,
                                d04263, d04264, d04296, d04326, d04333, d04425,
                                d04543, d04572, d04619, d04620, d04747, d04752,
                                d04767, d04775, d04784, d04821, d04830, d04871
30.09.2008: Spain d09026, d09027, d09028
29.09.2008: Spain d09023, d09024, d09025
28.09.2008: Spain d09020, d09021, d09022
27.09.2008: Spain d09017, d09018, d09019
.09.2008: update d00006, d00018, d00058d00145, d00691, d00701,
                                d00714, d00845, d00867, d01113, d01492, d01560,
                                d01951, d02291, d02864, d02931, d03152, d03153,
                                d03167, d03286, d03338, d03343, d03386, d03604,
                                d03788, d03789, d03868, d05004, d05767, d06066
25.09.2008: jokers d08987, d08988, d08989, d08990, d08991, d08992,
                                d08993, d08994, d08995, d08996, d08997, d08998,
                                d08999, d09000, d09001, d09002, d09003, d09004,
                                d09005, d09006, d09007, d09008, d09009, d09010,
                                d09011, d09012, d09013, d09014, d09015, d09016
24.09.2008: jokers  d08957, d08958, d08959, d08960, d08961, d08962,
                                 d08963, d08964, d08965, d08966, d08967, d08968,
                                 d08969, d08970, d08971, d08972, d08973, d08974,
                                 d08975, d08976, d08977, d08978, d08979, d08980,
                                 d08981, d08982, d08983, d08984, d08985, d08986
23.09.2008: jokers  d08927, d08928, d08929d08930, d08931, d08932,
                                 d08933, d08934, d08935, d08936d08937, d08938,
                                 d08939, d08940, d08941, d08942, d08943d08944,
                                 d08945, d08946, d08947, d08948, d08949, d08950,
                                 d08951, d08952, d08953, d08954, d08955, d08956
.09.2008: update  d00163, d00273, d00391, d00862, d00930, d01000,
                                 d01494, d01678, d01906, d02270, d02295, d02501,
                                 d02727, d04184, d04258, d04334, d04541, d04756,
                                 d04774, d05055, d05385, d05803, d07716, d07979,
                                 d08224, d08734, d08741, d08805, d08806, d08816
.09.2008: Spain d01420, d01636, d08764
20.09.2008: Spain d08924, d08925, d08926
19.09.2008: Spain d08921, d08922, d08923
18.09.2008: Spain d08918, d08919, d08920
17.09.2008: update d00278, d00341, d00716, d00881, d01224, d01286,
                                d01358, d01425, d01521, d01645, d01728, d01799,
                                d01915, d02301, d02350, d02472, d03016, d03311,
                                d03720, d03747, d03916, d03992, d04269, d04271,
                                d04618, d04766d06136, d07429d07802, d08001
16.09.2008: Spain d08915, d08916, d08917
15.09.2008: Spain d08912, d08913, d08914
14.09.2008: Spain d05598, d07283, d07452
13.09.2008: Russia d01111, d01116, UK d04883
12.09.2008: update d00869, d00984, d01220, d01276, d02283, d02584,
                                d02645, d02662, d02705, d03343, d03633, d03634,
                                d04019, d04047, d04170, d04178, d04180, d04182,
                                d04809, d04815, d04817, d04820, d05509, d08290,
                                d08308, d08506, d08541, d08579, d08793, d08824
11.09.2008: Spain d08909, d08910, d08911
10.09.2008: Spain d08906, d08907, d08908
09.09.2008: Spain d08903, d08904, d08905
08.09.2008: Spain d08900, d08901, d08902
07.09.2008: update d00934, d00940, d01087, d01196, d01492, d01717,
                                d01759d01942, d01957, d02008, d02022, d02126,
                                d02212, d02243, d02336, d03153, d03324, d03328,
                                d03422, d03525, d03546, d03822, d04072, d04331,
                                d04752, d05162, d05311, d08107d08407, d08780
06.09.2008: Spain d08897, d08898, d08899
05.09.2008: Spain d08894, d08895, d08896
04.09.2008: Spain d08891, d08892, d08893
new service: quick entry by icon - look at the first (yellow) row in the bottom table
03.09.2008: Ukraine d01107, d01108, Russia d01109
02.09.2008: update d00228, d00640, d00999, d01179, d01570, d02012,
                                d02958, d04100, d04106, d04109, d04157, d04184,
                                d04187, d04216, d04222, d04256, d04258, d04259,
                                d04278, d04296, d04393, d04550, d04557, d04581
                                d04595, d04821, d04972, d05585, d05632, d07714
01.09.2008: jokers d08861, d08862, d08863, d08864, d08865, d08866,
                               d08867, d08868, d08869, d08870, d08871, d08872,
                               d08873, d08874, d08875, d08876, d08877, d08878,
                               d08879, d08880, d08881, d08882, d08883, d08884,
                               d08885, d08886, d08887, d08888, d08889, d08890
31.08.2008: jokers d08831, d08832, d08833, d08834, d08835, d08836
                               d08837, d08838, d08839, d08840, d08841, d08842,
                               d08843d08844, d08845, d08846, d08847, d08848,
                               d08849, d08850d08851, d08852, d08853, d08854,
                               d08855, d08856, d08857, d08858, d08859, d08860
30.08.2008: jokers d08801, d08802, d08803, d08804, d08805, d08806,
                               d08807, d08808, d08809, d08810, d08811, d08812,
                               d08813, d08814, d08815, d08816, d08817, d08818,
                               d08819, d08820, d08821, d08822, d08823, d08824,
                               d08825, d08826, d08827, d08828, d08829d08830
29.08.2008: jokers d08771, d08772, d08773, d08774, d08775, d08776,
                               d08777, d08778, d08779, d08780, d08781, d08782,
                               d08783, d08784, d08785, d08786, d08787, d08788,
                               d08789, d08790, d08791, d08792, d08793, d08794,
                               d08795, d08796, d08797, d08798, d08799, d08800
28.08.2008: Spain  d03232, d04623, China d05805
27.08.2008: Germany d01104, d01106, Czechia d08307
26.08.2008: USA d04189, d07296, Lithuania d08006
25.08.2008: Spain d08768, d08769, d08770
24.08.2008: update d00007, d00058, d00717, d00815, d00889d01171,
                                d01208, d01494, d01521, d01655, d01936, d02282,
                                d02291, d02295, d02581, d02618, d02656, d02708,
                                d03137, d03161, d03201, d03275, d03341, d03381,
                                d03836, d03516, d03863, d03912, d03914, d03953
23.08.2008: Spain d08765, d08766, d08767
22.08.2008: Spain d08762, d08763d08764
21.08.2008: Spain d08759, d08760, d08761
20.08.2008: Spain d08756, d08757, d08758
19.08.2008: update d08703, d08704, d08705, d08706, d08709, d08715,
d08717, d08719, d08720, d08721, d08723, d08724,
                                 d08725, d08726, d08727, d08728, d08729d08730,
                                 d08731, d08732, d08733, d08734, d08735, d08736
                                 d08737, d08738, d08739, d08741, d08742, d08743
18.08.2008: Spain d08753, d08754, d08755
17.08.2008: Spain d08750d08751, d08752
16.08.2008: Spain d08747, d08748, d08749
15.08.2008: Spain d08744, d08745, d08746
14.08.2008: update d01512, d01838, d05031, d05034, d05638, d05730,
                                d05779, d05855, d06032, d06070, d06558, d06701,
                                d07130, d07384, d07465, d07535, d07960, d08267,
                                d08407, d08541, d08657, d08665, d08668, d08678,
                                d08682, d08688, d08697, d08699, d08701, d08702
13.08.2008: update d04005, d04051, d04054, d04157, d04160, d04166,
                                d04167, d04178, d04182, d04233, d04240, d04271,
                                d04277, d04326d04330, d04331, d04334, d04350,
                                d04384, d04428, d04460, d04541, d04594, d04618,
                                d04619, d04649, d04717, d04756, d04815, d04823
12.08.2008: jokers d08714, d08715, d08716, d08717, d08718, d08719,
                                d08720, d08721, d08722, d08723, d08724, d08725,
                                d08726, d08727, d08728, d08729d08730, d08731,
                                d08732, d08733, d08734, d08735, d08736d08737,
                                d08738, d08739, d08740, d08741, d08742, d08743
11.08.2008: jokers d08684, d08685, d08686, d08687, d08688, d08689,
                                d08690, d08691, d08692, d08693, d08694, d08695,
                                d08696, d08697, d08698, d08699, d08700, d08701,
                                d08702, d08703, d08704, d08705, d08706, d08707,
                                d08708, d08709, d08710, d08711, d08712, d08713
10.08.2008: jokers d08654, d08655, d08656, d08657, d08658, d08659,
                                d08660, d08661, d08662, d08663, d08664, d08665,
                                d08666, d08667, d08668, d08669, d08670, d08671,
                                d08672, d08673, d08674, d08675, d08676, d08677,
                                d08678, d08679, d08680, d08681, d08682, d08683
.08.2008: update d00652, d00701, d00704, d00778, d01026, d01117,
                                 d02334, d02652, d02689, d02780, d02804, d02891,
                                 d03038, d03144, d03154, d03338, d03343, d03409,
                                 d03422, d03524, d03582, d03600, d03624, d03632,
                                 d03633, d03673, d03676, d03718, d03773, d03854
08.08.2008: Spain d08651, d08652, d08653
07.08.2008: Spain d08648, d08649, d08650
06.08.2008: Spain d08645, d08646, d08647
05.08.2008: Spain d08642, d08643d08644
.08.2008: update d00145, d01315, d01727, d02111, d02212, d02503,
                                d02519, d02653, d02959, d02986, d03152, d03176,
                                d03899, d04019, d04020, d04023, d04119, d04170,
                                d04248, d04258, d04259, d04505, d04620d05924,
                                d06038, d07979, d07983, d07994, d08325, d08590
03.08.2008: Spain d08639, d08640, d08641
02.08.2008: Spain d08636d08637, d08638
01.08.2008: Spain d08633, d08634, d08635
31.07.2008: Spain d08630, d08631, d08632
.07.2008: update d00949, d01055, d01221, d01277, d01717, d01765,
                                 d01931, d02184, d02525, d02647, d03040, d03165,
                                 d03328, d03577, d03578, d04056, d04184, d04187,
                                 d04806, d05058, d05104, d05716, d05867, d05953,
                                 d06280, d06285, d06965, d07124, d07271, d07470
29.07.2008: Spain d08627, d08628, d08629
28.07.2008: Spain d08624, d08625, d08626
27.07.2008: Spain d08621, d08622, d08623
26.07.2008: Spain d08618, d08619, d08620
.07.2008: update d00271, d00941, d01341d01752, d03130, d03575,
                                d03589, d03659, d04014, d04047, d04109, d04216,
                                d04234, d04331, d04420, d04426, d04429, d04460,
                               d04541, d04542, d04621, d04821, d04866, d05923,
                               d06085, d06544, d07468, d07854, d08221, d08244
24.07.2008: Spain d08615, d08616, d08617
23.07.2008: Spain d08612, d08613, d08614
22.07.2008: Spain d08153, d08188, d08205
21.07.2008: Spain d00270, d02674, d04578
0.07.2008: update d00272, d00662, d00761, d01060, d01151, d01279,
                                d02231, d02489, d02493, d02576, d02934, d02950,
                                d03133, d03153, d03217, d04003, d04020, d04125,
                                d04334d04975, d05260, d05348, d05861, d06130,
                                d07486, d07922d08179, d08310, d08403, d08595
19.07.2008: Italy d01495  China d08311  Poland d08290
18.07.2008: UK d00683, d04994, d05890
17.07.2008: USA d04729, Argentina d03387, Belgium d08299
16.07.2008: USA d00485, d02199, d02786
15.07.2008: Austria d02069, d03759, d03929
14.07.2008: update  d01050, d01268, d01494, d01530, d01722, d02489,
                                 d04240, d04260, d04264, d04267, d04271, d04296,
                                 d04408, d04505, d04756, d04874, d05568, d06447,
                                 d06932, d07008, d07764, d08001, d08325, d08404,
                                 d08492, d08493, d08509, d08534, d08566, d08606
13.07.2008:  jokers d08582, d08583, d08584, d08585, d08586, d08587,
                                 d08588, d08589, d08590, d08591, d08592, d08593,
                                 d08594, d08595, d08596, d08597, d08598, d08599,
                                 d08600, d08601, d08602, d08603, d08604, d08605,
                                 d08606, d08607, d08608, d08609, d08610, d08611
12.07.2008:  jokers d08552, d08553, d08554, d08555, d08556, d08557,
                                d08558, d08559, d08560, d08561, d08562, d08563,
                                d08564, d08565, d08566, d08567, d08568, d08569,
                                d08570, d08571, d08572, d08573, d08574, d08575,
                                d08576, d08577, d08578, d08579, d08580, d08581
11.07.2008:  jokers d08522, d08523, d08524, d08525, d08526, d08527,
                                d08528, d08529d08530, d08531, d08532, d08533,
                                d08534, d08535, d08536d08537, d08538, d08539,
                                d08540, d08541, d08542, d08543d08544, d08545,
                                d08546, d08547, d08548, d08549, d08550d08551
10.07.2008:  jokers d08492, d08493, d08494, d08495, d08496, d08497,
                                 d08498, d08499, d08500, d08501, d08502, d08503,
                                 d08504, d08505, d08506, d08507, d08508, d08509,
                                 d08510, d08511, d08512, d08513, d08514, d08515,
                                 d08516, d08517, d08518, d08519, d08520, d08521
09.07.2008:  jokers d08462, d08463, d08464, d08465, d08466, d08467,
                                 d08468, d08469, d08470, d08471, d08472, d08473,
                                 d08474, d08475, d08476, d08477, d08478, d08479,
                                 d08480, d08481, d08482, d08483, d08484, d08485,
                                 d08486, d08487, d08488, d08489, d08490, d08491
08.07.2008:  jokers d08432, d08433, d08434, d08435, d08436d08437,
                                 d08438, d08439, d08440, d08441, d08442, d08443
                                 d08444, d08445, d08446, d08447, d08448, d08449,
                                 d08450d08451, d08452, d08453, d08454, d08455,
                                 d08456, d08457, d08458, d08459, d08460, d08461
07.07.2008:  jokers d08402, d08403, d08404, d08405, d08406, d08407,
                                d08408, d08409, d08410, d08411, d08412, d08413,
                                d08414, d08415, d08416, d08417, d08418, d08419,
                                d08420, d08421, d08422, d08423, d08424, d08425,
                                d08426, d08427, d08428, d08429d08430, d08431
06.07.2008: Spain d08399, d08400, d08401
05.07.2008: Spain d08396, d08397, d08398
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04.07.2008: Spain d00521, d00744, d04622
03.07.2008: Spain d08393, d08394, d08395
02.07.2008: update d00058, d00254, d00412, d00651, d00862, d00876,
                                 d00924, d01131, d01492, d01521, d01752, d01913,
                                 d02291, d03080, d03152, d03286, d03328, d03498,
                                 d03659, d03682, d03818, d03872, d04081, d04109,
                                 d04187, d04208, d04244, d04258, d04263, d04973
01.07.2008: Spain d08390, d08391, d08392
30.06.2008: Spain d08387, d08388, d08389
29.06.2008: Spain d08384, d08385, d08386
28.06.2008: Spain d08381, d08382, d08383
27.06.2008: update d01629, d03226, d03569, d04005, d04020, d04157,
                                d04170, d04181, d04241, d04271, d04334, d04350,
                                d04703, d04821, d04981, d05079, d05194, d05212,
                                d05613, d06046, d06123, d06619, d06745, d06850,
                                d06974, d07252, d07706, d07830, d07835, d07849
26.06.2008: Spain d08378, d08379, d08380
25.06.2008: Spain d08375, d08376, d08377
24.06.2008: Spain d08372, d08373, d08374
23.06.2008: Spain d08369, d08370, d08371
22.06.2008: Spain d08366, d08367, d08368
21.06.2008: Spain d08363, d08364, d08365
20.06.2008: Spain d08360, d08361, d08362
19.06.2008: Spain d08357, d08358, d08359
18.06.2008: Spain d08354, d08355, d08356
17.06.2008: Spain d08351, d08352, d08353
16.06.2008: Spain d08348, d08349, d08350
15.06.2008: Spain d08345, d08346, d08347
14.06.2008: Spain d08342, d08343d08344
13.06.2008: update d00476, d00615, d00681, d00959, d00999, d01052,
                                 d01053, d01518, d01629, d01659, d01767, d01780,
                                 d02367, d02949, d04019, d04157, d04260, d04264,
                                 d04633, d04757, d04872, d05296, d05408, d07304,
                                 d07352, d07749, d08272, d08287, d08310, d08315
12.06.2008: Spain d08339, d08340, d08341
11.06.2008: Spain d08336d08337, d08338
10.06.2008: Spain d08333, d08334, d08335
09.06.2008: Spain d08330, d08331, d08332
08.06.2008: Spain d08327, d08328, d08329
07.06.2008: update d00058, d00860, d00953, d01042, d01521, d01717,
                                d02027, d02498, d02707, d03153, d03189, d03504,
                                d03818, d03925, d04187, d04255, d04259, d04271,
                                d04304, d04326, d04331, d04334, d04497, d04756,
                                d05185, d06935, d07290, d08001, d08110, d08190
06.06.2008: jokers d08297, d08298, d08299, d08300, d08301, d08302,
                               d08303, d08304, d08305, d08306, d08307, d08308,
                               d08309, d08310, d08311, d08312, d08313, d08314,
                               d08315, d08316, d08317, d08318, d08319, d08320,
                               d08321, d08322, d08323, d08324, d08325, d08326
05.06.2008: jokers d08267, d08268, d08269, d08270, d08271, d08272,
                               d08273, d08274, d08275, d08276, d08277, d08278,
                               d08279, d08280, d08281, d08282, d08283, d08284,
                               d08285, d08286, d08287, d08288, d08289, d08290,
                               d08291, d08292, d08293, d08294, d08295, d08296
04.06.2008: jokers d08237, d08238, d08239, d08240, d08241, d08242,
                               d08243d08244, d08245, d08246, d08247, d08248,
                               d08249, d08250d08251, d08252, d08253, d08254,
                               d08255, d08256, d08257, d08258, d08259, d08260,
                               d08261, d08262, d08263, d08264, d08265, d08266
03.06.2008: jokers d08207, d08208, d08209, d08210, d08211, d08212,
                               d08213, d08214, d08215, d08216, d08217, d08218,
                               d08219, d08220, d08221, d08222, d08223, d08224,
                               d08225, d08226, d08227, d08228, d08229d08230,
                               d08231, d08232, d08233, d08234, d08235, d08236
02.06.2008: jokers d08177, d08178, d08179, d08180, d08181, d08182,
                               d08183, d08184, d08185, d08186, d08187, d08188,
                               d08189, d08190, d08191, d08192, d08193, d08194,
                               d08195, d08196, d08197, d08198, d08199, d08200,
                               d08201, d08202, d08203, d08204, d08205, d08206
01.06.2008: jokers d08147, d08148, d08149, d08150d08151, d08152,
                                d08153, d08154, d08155, d08156, d08157, d08158,
                                d08159, d08160, d08161, d08162, d08163, d08164,
                                d08165, d08166, d08167, d08168, d08169, d08170,
                                d08171, d08172, d08173, d08174, d08175, d08176
31.05.2008: jokers d08117, d08118, d08119, d08120, d08121, d08122,
                                d08123, d08124, d08125, d08126, d08127, d08128,
                                d08129d08130, d08131, d08132, d08133, d08134,
                                d08135, d08136d08137, d08138, d08139, d08140,
                                d08141, d08142, d08143d08144, d08145, d08146
30.05.2008: update d01029, d01231, d01484, d02635, d02717, d02793,
                                d02887, d03055, d03062, d03083, d03116, d03136,
                                d03167, d03182, d04014, d04015, d04019, d04047,
                                d04059, d04424, d04756, d05802, d05819, d05851,
                                d06619, d06759, d06760d07484, d07577, d07979
29.05.2008: Russia d02650d02916, d03947, d04179, d04490
28.05.2008: Germany d08115, d08116, USA d04615, Russia d03413
27.05.2008: Germany d08110, d08111, d08112, d08113, d08114
26.05.2008: Germany d08105, d08106, d08107, d08108, d08109
25.05.2008: Germany d08100, d08101, d08102, d08103, d08104
24.05.2008: Germany d08095, d08096, d08097, d08098, d08099
23.05.2008: Germany d08090, d08091, d08092, d08093, d08094
22.05.2008: Germany d08085, d08086, d08087, d08088, d08089
21.05.2008: Germany d08080, d08081, d08082, d08083, d08084
20.05.2008: Germany d08075, d08076, d08077, d08078, d08079
19.05.2008: Germany d08070, d08071, d08072, d08073, d08074
18.05.2008: Germany d08065, d08066, d08067, d08068, d08069
17.05.2008: Germany d08060, d08061, d08062, d08063, d08064
16.05.2008: Spain d01558, d02162, d05441, d05445, d05597,
                              d05602, d05682, d05683, d07274, d07935
15.05.2008: Austria d03244, Belgium d00915,
                    UK d03475, d03535, d03538, d03540, d03542
14.05.2008: France d00309, d00756, d03301, d05368,
                    USA d01928, d03451,  Sweden d00590
13.05.2008: Russia d00985d02221, Italy d03434, d05728,
                    Germany d00295, d00609, d01572, d02077, d03290, d05642
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d04232, d04233, d04237, d04244, d04248, d04252, d04253, d04254, d04255,
d04259, d04260, d04263, d04264, d04267, d04271, d04296, d04325, d04326,
d04329, d04331, d04333, d04334, d04338, d04343, d04344, d04420, d04429,
d04449, d04460, d04492, d04501, d04505, d04522, d04540, d04541, d04543,
d04568, d04583, d04584, d04603, d04605, d04619, d04633, d04712, d04717,
d04756, d04766, d04767, d04808, d04820, d04821, d04824, d04830, d04876,
d04877, d04972, d04981, d05026, d05093, d05166, d05185, d05194, d05197,
d05218, d05385, d05621, d05632, d05694, d05697, d05731, d05741, d05750,
d05775, d05788, d05847, d06130, d06312, d06678, d06683, d06716, d06723,
d06762, d06780, d06801, d06850, d06879, d06999, d07058, d07418, d07706,
d07719, d07979, d07986, d08001, d08002, d01466, d03123, d04483, d07093
19.02.2008: update  d00250, d00379, d00414, d00569, d00619, d00709,
                                 d03480, d04019, d04329, d04331, d04460, d04595,
                                 d05051, d05178, d05427, d05678, d05727, d05845,
                                 d06715, d06716, d07092, d07123, d07335, d07570,
                                 d07699, d07745, d07782, d07812, d07849, d07917
18.02.2008: Germany d08057, d08058, d08059
17.02.2008: Germany d08054, d08055, d08056
16.02.2008: Germany d08051, d08052, d08053
15.02.2008: Germany d00289, d05733 Czechia d00292
14.02.2008: update d00029, d00058, d00184, d00221, d00227, d00272,
                                 d00294, d00314, d00335, d00524, d00804, d00888,   
                                 d00716, d00815, d00989, d01253, d01366, d01443,
                                 d01484, d01492, d01494, d01547, d01549, d01641
                                 d01752, d01760, d01874, d01987d07259, d08001
13.02.2008: Germany d08048, d08049, d08050
12.02.2008: Germany d08045, d08046, Swiss d08047
11.02.2008: Germany d08042, d08043d08044
10.02.2008: Germany d00320, Belgium d01122, d02851
09.02.2008: update  d02054, d02056, d02106, d02266, d02329, d02507,
                                 d02489, d02743, d02795, d02904, d04047, d04063,
                                 d04216, d04255, d04260, d04263, d04271, d04308,
                                 d04317, d04318, d04334, d04423, d04427, d04453,
                                 d04582, d04583, d04598, d04741, d04821, d04948
08.02.2008: Germany d08039, d08040, d08041
07.02.2008: Germany d08036d08037, d08038
06.02.2008: Germany d08033, d08034, d08035
05.02.2008: Belgium d00519, d04730, France d05403
04.02.2008: update d00132, d01382, d01408, d03070, d03126, d03134,
                                 d03225, d03226, d03386, d03541, d03547, d03635,
                                 d03683, d03818, d03866, d03941, d06063, d06064,
                                 d06113, d06252, d06468, d06648, d06673, d06983,
                                 d07082, d07163, d07248, d07393, d07529, d07995
03.02.2008: Germany d08030, d08031, d08032
02.02.2008: Germany d08027, d08028, d08029
01.02.2008: Germany d08024, d08025, d08026
31.01.2008: Germany d05162, France d00278, d02014
30.01.2008: update d00067d00999, d01171, d01222, d01254, d01265,
                                d01392, d01537, d02002, d02076, d02291, d02652,
                                d02726, d03278, d03357, d03473, d03755, d04080,
                                d04163, d04267, d04333, d04501, d04587, d04615,
                                d05143, d05576, d05718, d07355, d07592, d07998
29.01.2008: Germany d08021, d08022, d08023
28.01.2008: Germany d08018, d08019, d08020
27.01.2008: Germany d08015, d08016, d08017
26.01.2008: Germany d08012, d08013, d08014
.01.2008: update d00045, d00145, d00237, d01641, d01858, d02644,
                                d02025, d02271, d02847, d02899, d02901, d02904,
                                d03233, d03375, d03452, d03530, d03741, d04870,
                                d05147, d05775, d06106, d06130, d06157, d06889,
                                d07008, d07263, d07273, d07690, d07849, d07960
24.01.2008: Germany d08009, d08010, d08011
23.01.2008: Germany d04642, d05017d05829
22.01.2008: Germany d02262, d02346, d07082
.01.2008: Germany d06015, d06060, d06473
.01.2008: update d04022, d04023, d04024, d04045, d04055, d04167
                                 d04170, d04178, d04183, d04184, d04187, d04216,
                                 d04247, d04254, d04255, d04260, d04263, d04265,
                                 d04302, d04309, d04331, d04332, d04334, d04384,
                                 d04427, d04428, d04548, d04589, d04598, d04752
.01.2008: Germany d06014, d06153, d06529
.01.2008: Germany d03276, d03666, d06563
.01.2008: Germany d00118, d02331, d02948
.01.2008: Germany d01009, d01010, d01174
.01.2008: update  d00058, d00220, d00335, d00381, d00418, d00639,
                                 d00691, d00879, d00951, d01016, d01415, d01492,
                                 d01717, d01946, d02076, d02563, d02573, d03081,
                                 d03152, d03153, d03165, d03564, d03903, d03941,
                                 d06111, d07341, d07957, d07958, d07977, d08008
.01.2008: Germany d03215, d03352, d03591
.01.2008: Germany d04418, d04421, d04929
.01.2008: Germany d00045, d00190, d00227
.01.2008: Germany d00009, d00163, d00221
0.01.2008: update d00018, d00226, d00228, d00384, d00489, d00520,
                                 d01294, d01322, d01893, d01988, d02017, d02311,
                                 d02321, d02549, d02552, d02617, d02755, d03805,
                                d05049, d05051, d06665, d06977, d06980, d06983,
                                d06984, d06985, d07053, d07893d07930, d07956
09.01.2008: jokers d07979, d07980, d07981, d07982, d07983, d07984,
                               d07985, d07986, d07987, d07988, d07989, d07990,
                               d07991, d07992, d07993, d07994, d07995, d07996,
                               d07997, d07998, d07999, d08000, d08001, d08002,
                               d08003, d08004, d08005, d08006, d08007, d08008
08.01.2008: jokers d07949, d07950d07951, d07952, d07953, d07954,
                               d07955, d07956, d07957, d07958, d07959, d07960,
                               d07961, d07962, d07963, d07964, d07965, d07966,
                               d07967, d07968, d07969, d07970, d07971, d07972,
                               d07973, d07974, d07975, d07976, d07977, d07978
07.01.2008: jokers d07919, d07920, d07921, d07922, d07923, d07924,
                                d07925, d07926, d07927, d07928, d07929d07930,
                                d07931, d07932, d07933, d07934, d07935, d07936
                                d07937, d07938, d07939, d07940, d07941, d07942,
                                d07943d07944, d07945, d07946, d07947, d07948
06.01.2008: jokers d07889, d07890, d07891, d07892, d07893, d07894,
                                d07895, d07896, d07897, d07898, d07899, d07900,
                                d07901, d07902, d07903, d07904, d07905, d07906,
                                d07907, d07908, d07909, d07910, d07911, d07912,
                                d07913, d07914, d07915, d07916, d07917, d07918
05.01.2008: Canada d01556, Austria d03755, Belgium d07769 
04.01.2008: USA d07886, d07887, d07888
03.01.2008: USA d07883, d07884, d07885
02.01.2008: USA d07880, d07881, d07882
01.01.2008: Happy New Year:
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