"John Lenthall" (UK)
     London,  1708-1723 (?)
he was an apprentice to William Warter and later took over the business.

1720 reprint of deck:
"Spanish Armada"
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1717 reprint of  James Moxon's
update 18.10.2004
1717 "Grammatical"
update 28.10.2004
1712 "Arithmetical"
update 28.10.2004
1709 "Love Cards"
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? reprint of  W.Redmayne's:
"Counties of England and Wales"
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? reprint of  H.Winstanley's
update 20.03.2008
? reprint of  Robert Morden's:
"A Mapp of England and Wales"

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? english edition of Brainville's:
update 27.04.2002

"William Warter", XVII-1709
in 1708-9 decks prodused by Warter/Lenthal

1698 "Proverbial"
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Lit.: Beal p.96
Beal: Lenthal also sold the following imported French packs which he claimed were
"designed for the more easy and expeditious Attainment of that Languange":
1. Fortification and Military cards which are based on the French "Jeu des Fortifications"/d01692 and "Jeu de Guerre".
2. Political and Philosophical cards showing effigies taken from statues and medals.
3. Chronicle cards.
4. Ladies cards.
5. Classical cards, showing scenes from the fables in Ovid's Metamorphoses.
6. Roman cards (probably a reprint of Mortier's "Jeu des quatre Partes du monde").
7. Heraldry cards (d00309).
8. Historical cards (cities of the world).
9. Geographical cards (may be reprint of Mortier's "Jeu de Geographie").
10. Masquerede cards.
11. Entertaining cards.
12. Scaramouch cards.
13. Turkish cards.
14. Habit cards.