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"France Cartes" groupe
Paris, France, since 1985
since 2014 is a part of CartaMundi Group
1. brand "Grimaud" 
since 1848
2. brand "Ducale"
since 1946
3. "Heron"/"
Boéchat Frères" (Merignac, Bordeaux, France) since 1946
a participation in a Spanish company: Maestros Naiperos.

1946 - J.M. Simon opens his factory at Nancy.
1947 - He buys the business of Louise Bony. Ducale is a trade mark of J.M.Simon.
1959 - The business adopts the name "J.M.Simon Establishment".
1962 - Waddington (UK) and J.M.Simon buy B.P.Grimaud and become "J.M.Simon/France Cartes". The trade mark "Grimaud" is kept.
1968 - "Miro" buys Waddington's share of Grimaud.
1973 - "Simon/France Cartes" buys "Catel & Farcy"
1985 - The company adopts the name "France Cartes".