Obchodni Tiskarny, A.S. (or S.P.)
Divize 16: Plynarenska ul., 280 57 Kolin IV
Lucemburska 7, Praha 3
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This information prepared by Ulrich Knupfer:

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The Trade Printing Works have a long tradition behind them.
The trade license was awarded to their predecessor, J. L. BAYER Co, as early as in 1879.

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At these early days it was a stone-printing factory, using the chromolitography to print the on-wall calendars and color-printed pictures. After 1884, the factory set out on manufacturing the tear-off calendar of the jotter type.

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In 1912, the firm became a joint-stock company, exporting its products to Poland, Hungary, Rumania, and Italy.
In 1950, the factory acquired the status of national enterprise, witnessing an expansion in production mainly in the seventies, accompanied by launching the new articles, such as the pre-printed forms for computers and self-sticking label.
In 1978, a reconstruction was carried out, giving rise to a leader among the printing works in Czechoslovakia.
After 1989, the enterprise was expropriated from the state, succeeded by the newly established joint-stock company which completed its privatization in 1995.